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286. Signed by Mark [ www ] January 30, 2016

285. Signed by Mark [ www ] January 30, 2016

284. Signed by Kathy [ www ] November 18, 2011
Hey, love your designs. look awesome. thumbs up on your good job!

283. Signed by nidza [ www ] August 2, 2011
Your blog is excellently designed and has lots of beneficial articles that could be used as one great resource of knowledge of various aspects! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts!! Cheers

282. Signed by Richard [ www ] July 13, 2011
keep it up, please. so many of the other sites are vanishing. we must not let this die.

281. Signed by Dana Scully [ www ] April 4, 2010
Very good!

280. Signed by Allison [ www ] November 15, 2009
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

279. Signed by kelsey [ www ] October 9, 2008
Your site looks so great! Very informative and systematic! It's hard to find good sites about x-files these days. Keep it up! Don't let the truth die in our hands!!

278. Signed by Gilli [ www ] September 27, 2008
wow fantastic page...

277. Signed by ivy [ www ] July 27, 2008
Thanks for having this sites, i really miss the show, Im a fan since im 13, im alrady 28 now and still are, Ive miss the last 3 seasons due to work, thanks for the transcript!please post reviews,comments, etc on TXKF2 IWTB, thanks.

276. Signed by Cecilia [ www ] May 25, 2008
I love the X files, i started watching it at 11 yrs and cannot stop, it's my favorite tv show ever! I like the web page, i hope it keeps running a long time!

275. Signed by kamilla [ www ] April 29, 2008
I love that episode too, so your site gives me a lot of pleasure. I suppose You'll notice my english isn't perfect :) so be patient please. When I first saw this epidode it was years ago, and I remembered it as something so fascinating that I can't even say... like very emotional, artistic video clip, like masterpiece. And when I saw that for the second time, it gaved me the same feeling. It steel makes me feel melancholic and strangely pieceful. I invite you to my site I know it's not about the x files but maby you'll enjoy it.

274. Signed by ivydumayag [ www ] April 24, 2008

273. Signed by sherilene [ www ] April 6, 2008
i lurrvvv ur site =)

272. Signed by Nick Carter [ www ] February 14, 2008
congratulations. Keep up the good work!

271. Signed by Camila Borges [ www ] January 29, 2008
im from Brazil, ilovexfiles

270. Signed by Tami [ www ] December 28, 2007
I miss this show alot!! I am THRILLED the new movie is finally in production and I am already taking July 25 off from work as I here that is the tentative release date. I watch reruns on TNT and Sci-Fi every chance I get.

269. Signed by beth [ www ] November 3, 2007
Glad to still find a good xf site. KUTGW

268. Signed by Richard J. Schellbach [ www ] August 1, 2007
I have seen a lot of X-Files sites but this one is by far the best. I'm a huge fan of the show and you have done it justice here. Can't wait to read every word. Thanks for doing this.

267. Signed by Katelyn Scavone [ www ] July 20, 2007
Hey, I have some recent David Duchovny photos. Email me if you're interested. Thanks!

266. Signed by Nina [ www ] May 26, 2007
Thanks for keeping a current site on the show. XF was the show of my childhood and I'm just getting back into it and I'm sure more will follow.

265. Signed by Kerry [ www ] April 13, 2007
Whoo! Go X-Files! This is a very nice site here...I visit it often and it is on my Lovely Link List on my XF forum.

264. Signed by DanaLane1013 [ www ] April 6, 2007
I love your site. I know it since 2 or 3 years and the artworks are very very beautiful!!!!!!
(sorry if I make mistakes, I'm french!!)

263. Signed by Maggie [ www ] April 5, 2007
I just wanna tell you that this site is awesome!
And congrats that you still update it, although the X-Files "ended" some years ago.

Nice Layout, by the way. ;o)

262. Signed by paola [ www ] March 26, 2007
havent forgotten TXF eitherstill love that show madly i am so glad i am not alone, and i am also looking for a forum so you gays can fill me in

261. Signed by Azile [ www ] March 20, 2007
I have always admired your site. You do such a great job keeping it updated, when so many other XF sites have gone to memory. Please continue!

260. Signed by Cheyenne Myrvold [ www ] March 16, 2007
I can't tell you how happy I am to see there are still some updated X-Files sites out there and yours are great! I'm really enjoying myself looking around here and now I can't wait to see coming images and wallpapers and such. Please keep it up - I can quarantie I'll be back to see on a regular basis:-)

259. Signed by Debby Thelin [ www ] March 2, 2007
Hi! Very eye catching site. Best regards.

258. Signed by Otelia [ www ] February 9, 2007
Well... I try to say a some words about your site. It's very well. I'm say seriously. I've found very usefull and interesting info for me and sent link to your website to my friends. Hope that they'll find your project interesting too.Thanks for this site!

257. Signed by L. Forster [ www ] January 20, 2007
A very nice and complet site......tank you...

256. Signed by EiiAh [ www ] January 16, 2007
Nice site, really! Beautiful layout and content.. Not like my site! Heehee.. I'm waiting for the bookmarks..!

255. Signed by Kevin Allen [ www ] January 12, 2007
Say "YES" to another X-Files movie!!! The possibilities could be endless plot-wise!!!

254. Signed by Ryan Johnson [ www ] December 23, 2006
Nice-looking site!

253. Signed by Nini [ www ] October 19, 2006
Hi ! I love your site ! Your layout is so awesome ! Congrats ! I love XFiles and i'm so glad to have found your site. There's many interested things. Keep the great works! Oh and would you like to be affiliates? My site is personal.. ;)

252. Signed by Katie [ www ] October 16, 2006
Your site is FANTASTIC - it has a lovely layout and lots of great stuff that kept me entertained for hours =D

The truth is still out there!

251. Signed by Kerry [ www ] October 2, 2006
Great site! Beautiful layout!

It's on my link list on the X-Files IMDb message board!

250. Signed by -EVERYME- [ www ] September 22, 2006
Your website is great !! it's my favourite :D

long live the X files!

and of course... long live the X philes !! ^^

249. Signed by Constance [ www ] September 10, 2006
Hi, Shiricki,
Wow! Just when I thought I exhausted every x-files website, I came across yours! AND the download of Scully's Theme! I always get upset when she cries, and then I saw your little notice of "Please do not steal my bandwidth. It makes Scully cry!" So I laughed and cried at the same time.
I only discovered the X-Files about 4 months ago and I'm impressed (or is it obsessed?). SciFi and TNT channels show about 12-15 episodes a week!
Thanks again so much for the haunting theme, for the chuckle, and for your site (I don't think I could possibly exhaust it).

248. Signed by vickky [ www ] September 3, 2006
i like a lot you site everibody ill like to have friends fans of xf please contact me bye

247. Signed by Evia Wauford [ www ] September 1, 2006
Nice site. Thanks for the info.

246. Signed by Abiye Alatoru [ www ] August 23, 2006
I like to read the full story

245. Signed by Christina [ www ] August 15, 2006
I really enjoyed your site. Can't wait until you are finnished your updates!!! :)

244. Signed by Vieh [ www ] August 12, 2006
Hi shiricki,
wow, your layouts are still the best I've ever seen, but this is not why I'm here.
I wanted to ask if you would be interesting in helping promote a new kind of petition-project called "Create the Future" that fights for xf2. I'm leaving the url here for you to check us out. Please drop me an email if you would like to help in any way possible (promoting, affiliating or whatever you think you can do). We'd be forever thankful. :)

243. Signed by *FB* [ www ] July 3, 2006
This is an awesome site, keep up the good work and the spirit of all things x alive! I look forward to exploring your site more! The quirky animations are endearing:-)

242. Signed by swan-necklace [ www ] July 2, 2006
Thanks for keeping this up. I run into many XF defunct sites these days, but those are some cool downloads too. So thanks :D

241. Signed by Peggy Cross [ www ] June 27, 2006
glad this site is still here. so many x-files sites are fading away.
would just like to say thanks.

240. Signed by Kate [ www ] June 22, 2006
This is the best x-files site i've come across. it's woderful. Please keep up the fantastic work!

239. Signed by Jana [ www ] June 20, 2006
Thanks for keeping x- files alive:)))Nice site. Thanks for the song walking after you by foo fighters.I have searched for it for a long time.

238. Signed by Deborah [ www ] May 18, 2006
I appreciate your complete list of episodes and the transcripts. I only recently started watching the reruns and could not get the chronology straight without your help! Thanks.

237. Signed by Lily [ www ] May 11, 2006
X-Files lives forever!!! thanks for keeping this up shi!

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