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186. Signed by Carla [ www ] April 1, 2005
I've checked your donwloads and noticed that you probably don't know the other Scully's theme, which can be found as "Scully's theme 2" - so I keep wondering where it comes from, since I think I did not heard it in the show... does anybody have a clue?!
great site anyway :)

185. Signed by Fu [ www ] March 29, 2005
You are great.

184. Signed by Yamatoking [ www ] March 28, 2005
Oh my god wath a great X-Files Site!O_O
I just visited a site of a friend where a found this link to your site.
The X-Files was my first really fandom,I recordet every episode and collect every stuff.I also will buy the DVD boxes,but they're still to expensive for a poor student like my self.
Oh my gosh,visiting your site makes me feel that I shall so new X-Files Fanart.
Mulder and Scully rules!XD

183. Signed by Scott Richardson [ www ] March 28, 2005
No Flaws!!! This should be the new Official X Files Website since there is no anymore.

182. Signed by Nick Cates [ www ] March 17, 2005
Nice site... I'm feeling very nostalgic right now. If anyone reads this and knows a good xfiles chatroom on irc, please email me with details :)

181. Signed by Vanessa [ www ] March 11, 2005
Wonderfull site... You did a amazing job!! ... It's one of my favorite X-Files sites ever and I'm so glad that's still up!! Your work rocks... :hug: ...

180. Signed by John Florence [ www ] March 8, 2005
Excellent site! You have put alot of effort into this site, it shows! I have alays been a huge fan of of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Also of the X-Files series since the show originated in Vancouver. Where I am from as well.

179. Signed by Trinity [ www ] February 23, 2005
I just want to say that this site rocks!

178. Signed by Linda [ www ] February 20, 2005
Very nice site. Glad to be in SP with someone as talented as you.... Looking forward to it.

177. Signed by frederick [ www ] February 11, 2005
Oh God, this site is really unbelievable! So much info in such a nicely designed site. What a difference with some other X-files fan sites... Keep up the good work!

I saw end game again on dvd yesterday...

176. Signed by Nikkei [ www ] February 9, 2005
Your Site Rocks!

175. Signed by Cassie [ www ] January 18, 2005
I love the new look of the site :) I noticed that your image gallery for Robert Patrick isn't working properly, you may want to fix that. I enjoy the images you pick for the other three actors and would like to see your Robert pics :) Anyway, I'll make sure to come back more often to check out updates.

174. Signed by matt [ www ] January 13, 2005
Excellent site! Good luck in your work.

173. Signed by Clodoaldo Leite Junior [ www ] January 9, 2005
Very attractive site, well done!

172. Signed by Lamar GLover [ www ] January 7, 2005
I miss the show and anxiously await the second movie.

171. Signed by Elena [ www ] December 17, 2004
This site is so beautiful! I can't wait for the next x-files movie!! It's gonna be so great!! ^_^ I love your site! and I love the X-Files!

170. Signed by Emiliya [ www ] December 12, 2004
Excellent site! Good luck in your work.

169. Signed by Donald [ www ] December 12, 2004
Very nice site.

168. Signed by Amanda [ www ] December 4, 2004
I absolutely love your site
its really kOoL!!
laterz *kisses*

167. Signed by angelskully [ www ] November 20, 2004
your web site, is eXtremly beautiful! really! shame on me when I see mine!!! it's complete, simple, clear and very attractive! please, continue! ^_^°

166. Signed by Krystal [ www ] October 24, 2004
I just love what you did with the site, each of your designs are wonderful! Thank you for keeping the memories alive! *hugs* <3

165. Signed by Oz [ www ] October 24, 2004
awesome layout! very cool!

164. Signed by Eloise [ www ] October 19, 2004
Hey Shi! The site is looking great! The layout is so clean and professional looking. Flawless really. Glad this is still around. :D

Love ya.

163. Signed by Julie [ www ] October 19, 2004
I really think your site(s) are good....
how do you make the site, like you have.... cause i can´t find out how to do it....!
Its something with HTML, right???
You can ansaw on my mail....
C Ya

162. Signed by Purity Control [ www ] October 16, 2004
My first visit to your site. Great site and the Best of Luck! Looking forward to the new X-Files movie!!! Now if they could only bring back the TV show.

161. Signed by sandee [ www ] October 15, 2004
hi shi!!! this looks fantastic, i hope you know :) great awesome stuff!!! kudos! miss you! mwah!

160. Signed by Rosa Chita [ www ] October 15, 2004
L O V E allthingx!!!!!!!!!! all chitas love allthingx, the new layout, gilly and they´re totally in love and looping with all the blue shis >forever . shita . version . endless<<

159. Signed by Peter Wuesslmann [ www ] October 3, 2004
by Pastel Cowgirl

Such a simple four letter word!
Yet so complicated in its meaning.
It can be all encompassing,
Just on the verge of reality.
It can build up,
And bring new meaning to life.
It can take away the very breath we breath.
Love can give birth to other words, Hope, Trust, Belief.
In the wrong hands,
It can alter their very effect, Trample them down.
Love can destroy.
It seems to me
That love is the clay,
And we the potters

158. Signed by Eliza [ www ] October 3, 2004
thank you so much for making this site. keep going!

157. Signed by rachel lee [ www ] September 20, 2004
It's amazing what you can find on the net -- wish I'd found this earlier! The artwork section is so cool! Thanks for hosting all those wonderful artists & their pictures... It's given me a better perspective after reading political stuff all night! Mulder, Scully, the X-Files... it's all good;D

156. Signed by tewodros [ www ] September 19, 2004
hi! gilian

155. Signed by shy [ www ] August 23, 2004
wow you guys are so amazing and so creative just like the art and the way you guys design i really appreciate the art work done here too.

154. Signed by Jenny Thompson [ www ] August 20, 2004
I LOVE this site i adore it i love all the pictures and i think you did a really good job setting it up well done most of the other sites where bad but this is the BEST OF THEM ALL seriously, no lies.

153. Signed by Talent Scout [ www ] August 19, 2004
I really enjoyed my visit to your site and would like to invite you to join us at Triple Ace. We are a brand new Web Site Competition with a wide variety of teams to choose from so that you can find the right team to match with your site. Each team and the competition itself is inspired by genres from the movie/television industry.

Site competitions are a great way to receive recognition for the hard work you have put into your site, meet some new friend, and have more people see your work. I hope you will come by and take a look around. Then once you have please join us :)

152. Signed by evy [ www ] August 17, 2004
This site is the best

151. Signed by Larry [ www ] July 26, 2004
I like to see that someone else loved that episode, also it's beautiful which is important, I guess you know it's really good, right?

150. Signed by Hadley [ www ] July 17, 2004
Just finished watching "Memento Mori" with a friend from South Africa, who is experiencing XF for the first time... (she's hooked; we're going through the whole series, it's like reliving the 90's---awesome!) while she's going through a box of tissues I decided to surf one of the few, and best sites that are still up and running. You rock.

149. Signed by dana [ www ] June 11, 2004
gillian is one of the best actress in hollywood.Thank you for making this site. It's very beautiful

148. Signed by sarah [ www ] May 28, 2004
I am stupid ...

147. Signed by Pax [ www ] May 24, 2004
w00t! w00t! An all new, fresh and clean guestbook to vandalize with my useless and pointless messages that serve only as something to keep me amused! MUAHAHAHA! Say that in one breath!

146. Signed by nish (formally known as Cyberscully ;) [ www ] May 23, 2004
"please don't steal my bandwidth, it makes Scully cry"

lmao haha that is the best plea for no theft I have ever seen.

145. Signed by ma-ann santiago [ www ] May 20, 2004
this one is cool! i hope it wont go in waste. keep this one running.

144. Signed by ronny [ www ] May 11, 2004
it's been nice to see a site dedicated to my fave series of all time. Thank you.

143. Signed by Ave [ www ] May 9, 2004
Thi site is beautiful! One look and you know it's Shiricki's site!

142. Signed by danajennifer [ www ] May 6, 2004
the most beautiful site i've ever see.I really love gillian thank you for making this site

141. Signed by jennifer [ www ] May 5, 2004
gillian anderson is the best.thank you for making this website.

140. Signed by Alicha Lamb [ www ] May 1, 2004
This place is awesome! Gillian Anderson has been my role model for 7 years!

139. Signed by Stardust [ www ] May 1, 2004
amazing page! i really like it! greetz,

138. Signed by Lindsay [ www ] April 27, 2004
I like ur website

137. Signed by J.L. [ www ] April 8, 2004
I've been online ever since the internet invaded modern life, and seen probably thousands of gillian/xfiles sites, so... what I'm trying to say is that this one is the most smart beautiful one I've seen in 8 years.
I'll be back.

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