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136. Signed by jenny [ www ] April 8, 2004
thank-you SO much for this-if i had the creative flair that you have i'd want to make something this special.
keep it up!
j xxx

135. Signed by jennifer [ www ] April 4, 2004
its amazing

134. Signed by Hoot [ www ] March 29, 2004
Yeah.......what are are brushes for? And what do you use them for?......just asking b/c I see them everywhere and wanna know what they are.

Thanks again.

133. Signed by Alex [ www ] March 13, 2004
Nice site. =) All of your sites are good! And you finally cleared up the whole color blind thing! :D

132. Signed by jacqueline brantley [ www ] March 12, 2004
Thanks for the website. I myself am an avid reader of x-files fanfic. However, I wish I could read German,so that I could read the German fanfic selections. Keep adding stories. I will visit often.

131. Signed by Charis [ www ] February 25, 2004
you made a great thing of your site, good job.. I love it!!!! xxxChariskeuHxxx

130. Signed by Lisa [ www ] February 21, 2004
This is a fantastic site that you have here. I have just downloaded the X-Files theme tune and it's the first time I have heard it all of the way through! Tis fab! Keep up the great work!

129. Signed by Mearen M. [ www ] February 17, 2004
This site is absolutely wonderfull! I love the artwork and all the talented writers. :)

128. Signed by lindsay [ www ] February 1, 2004
i freaking love the x files. everyone makes fu of me cause i treat them like rel people. haha . who cares. screw my them. x files rocks!

127. Signed by Jide [ www ] January 17, 2004
I see this page's link in LAIN-SERIAL EXPERIMENT~~I love both 2 sites!^-^
The pages' style are cool!!
With love,Jide from China

126. Signed by Ashley [ www ] December 29, 2003

125. Signed by Christopher [ www ] December 24, 2003
I think this site is a pretty kick ass one. It's too bad it can't be looked after all the time though... Dana Scully kicks ass!!!

124. Signed by Astrid [ www ] December 17, 2003
great site!!
~~x-files rules forever~~

123. Signed by geoff [ www ] December 12, 2003
good site well put together

122. Signed by Gillian [ www ] December 10, 2003
really great and beautiful site... :-)

121. Signed by Marion [ www ] December 1, 2003
wow... that's all i can say. this site is absolutely beautifully designed. i would love to see more mp3's added, i am trying to eventually compile a CD by Mark Snow in vain hopes of surrounding myself with his haunting music to a show i have come to dearly cherish!
keep up the FABULOUS work... also, could you tell me the exact function of a "brush". i am curious.

120. Signed by Leticia [ www ] November 26, 2003
This site totally rocks!!!!

119. Signed by qj [ www ] November 24, 2003
great layout.

118. Signed by Pattie [ www ] November 16, 2003
Nice place! Cute pics.

I'm happy you now have all the scripts.
As the re-runs are becoming less frequent lately, we writers and fans need the resources, (or even the feeeling we re-awaken be reading and remembering)
Please keep the site up. So many have left.

From Canada, where David, Lea, Haglund, Braidwood and Harwood and a whole list of guest stars hail from. (As well as Piper's Daddy!).


117. Signed by Dirciana Carvalho [ www ] November 6, 2003
Parabns , o seu site lindinho !!!(*_*)!!
Adorei visit-lo !!!


116. Signed by Mick [ www ] October 24, 2003
Hi! I just want to say that this site is wonderful! I really love it! Now when is gone, I only have this site to visit and Im so satisfied! Thank you, and keep up the good work! And I was just wondering if there is anyone from Sweden out there who is a fanatic X-Files-fan just as I am? I would love to chat about the X-Files! Hugs from Mick in Sweden!

115. Signed by Witchy [ www ] October 19, 2003
Your site is awesome! the layout is great and the whole content's interessting to read (weel and look, the artworks are great!)
love this site to death

114. Signed by Laure [ www ] October 17, 2003
Your site is simply fantastic!! everything's great and especially the xtras section! i had a lot of fun whit quizzes and game!
keep on doing this fabulous work :)

113. Signed by Penumbra [ www ] October 9, 2003
love the flavory graphics, especially Scully in Demons preparing to check Mulder for head trauma and other location-specific traumas.

A lovely look to the site.

112. Signed by Pieter [ www ] October 7, 2003
Good site because of all the background info about the episodes!

111. Signed by Jemma Munro (JEM) for short. [ www ] October 3, 2003
This site is terriffic & HEAPS of FUN!!
Thanx for the entertainment.
I think I've got my X-Files thirst quenched now!
Thanx again!
Sorry, couldn't "RESIST" that one so I just hed to "SERVE" it!

110. Signed by preeyawan [ www ] August 16, 2003
Your site is great!very wonderful layout,love your design and..umm.. is it too late to say Happy Birthday!!Best wishes to amazing Shiricki!

109. Signed by Samantha Wallace [ www ] August 15, 2003

108. Signed by Kelsey [ www ] August 13, 2003
love the site! great quotes and all. GO X-files!!!!! all my friends think i am a geek but hey its the x-files and i love it! great site!

107. Signed by Kristi [ www ] July 31, 2003
Hey Shiricki!

Great site you have. I love the screen captures, and I think you should continue to do them. :) Keep up the great work!

106. Signed by cassie [ www ] July 31, 2003
I love your screen captures from Season 8. You have some rare caps of characters that other sites do not. Hope to see more from the rest of that season and from Season 9 :) Ciao!

105. Signed by Alexis [ www ] July 27, 2003
Great site was hoping if you could tell me where i could download the episdoes and who really is the father of sucllys baby is it an alien or is it molder

104. Signed by Laura [ www ] July 26, 2003
I absolutely adore the current layout (Memories). It's an incredible design and you should be very proud of it. I'd really like to see the quotes section updated though. I've just gotten back into the swing of the X-Files (after a brief, or not so brief, haitus) and you're site ranks among the best X-Files sites I've seen. Good job! :)

103. Signed by jess p [ www ] July 22, 2003
very delightful site! i love the layout and the main site image is fabulous!
its really nice to see sites still around and people who take so much pride in what they do. :D

102. Signed by kim young - ran [ www ] July 19, 2003
ѱ ҳ Դϴ..^^

101. Signed by l0llyp0p [ www ] July 19, 2003
I bit confusing to use, but I love the sites layout and the brushes ;3 =D

100. Signed by Katie [ www ] July 15, 2003
This is a wonderful site. I especially love the creative and VERY artistic appearence. A definite winner!

99. Signed by Kathrin-wieder [ www ] June 30, 2003
Hi Shiricki,
maybe in english again, so that the others can understand me! i miss things about marita covarrubias! don't you like her or did you leave her out by mistake? my english i miserable today, so i'll stop hear! i'd like to hear from you!

98. Signed by Jilly [ www ] June 20, 2003
I will be an X-Phile forever and ever. I can't stop watching those DVDs I bought. I adore the X-Files quizzes here. Yea, the results revealed that I am Dana Scully and I am the emotional episode, all things. Ummm, just great!

97. Signed by Noodl [ www ] June 19, 2003
where are the comics? When i do the which-agent-test a picture of the agent appears. i know the comics but i cant find them anymore...
but the page is excellent! go on like this!
(sorry for my gramar. im german!)

96. Signed by Kortni [ www ] June 18, 2003
Wow!!!! AllI can really say is ...AMAZING!! The art and collages are absolutely beautiful! Thank you soooooooo very much for creating this site, it has my vote on explosive!!

95. Signed by Julia [ www ] June 15, 2003
this site is FANTASTIC!!!!! i luv it, you're doing a great job!!!

94. Signed by Kathrin [ www ] June 5, 2003
Hi Shiricki,
da bin ich wieder! bei der fanfic hab ich gesehen, dass du doch Deutsch bist *grins* also, wenn du willst kannst du mir mal 'ne kurze fanfic zum bersetzten schicken- drfte kein problem sein! bis denne

93. Signed by Kathrin [ www ] June 5, 2003
hi shiricki!
i'm not quite sure, wether you are german or not! i really do not remember! i like memories8.04 a lot! you've done a good job again and i just love this site! by the way love/adoring: i also just do love "all things" ga has done such a wonderful job- and the music from moby fits exactly! so, here a hug through the internet ans see you soon!

92. Signed by Kairisika [ www ] May 27, 2003
I love this site - are you going to get the transcripts for season nine up soon? Especially "Jump the Shark"

91. Signed by Karen [ www ] May 19, 2003
I love this site! There's so much to see. Everytime I come back, I find something new. :)

Tis beautiful. :)

- Karen

90. Signed by Rain [ www ] May 14, 2003
I love your site... especially the way you play with light and with dark colors. It blends in a pleasant way, and it is very inspiring. Keep up the good work! Hope we'll be friends! :)

89. Signed by anja [ www ] May 8, 2003
love your website. Specially the transcripts
Seems like,when reading it, seeing the show again. Very nice. The show hasn't ended here yet, where in season nine. But i have already seen 'the truth'', Bought it on DVD. couldn't wait

Its a shame my englisch is not always that good .So sometimes reading it, i don't alway's understand it. I should get this in Dutch...

anyway, keep up the the good job.

88. Signed by Mo [ www ] May 6, 2003
Thanks to the XF Egg Hunt for introducing me to your fabulous site! I can't believe I hadn't seen it until now.

Totally gorgeous - keep up the good work!

87. Signed by Verity [ www ] May 3, 2003
Wow! You seriously have the best site layout that I've ever seen. Very, very evocative...

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