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86. Signed by milagro [ www ] April 30, 2003
Just love all thingx!!! This is an very adorable new layout, you created here, shiricki. Pretty well done. I always wonder how you're able to do such a beautiful site. But I liked the milagro-layout too...since it's my fave episode. ;)
And kewl tests... *hehe* I'm Dana Scully and all things...what does that say? :)



85. Signed by witchy [ www ] April 22, 2003
the new layout is just wonderful! i quite like the colours. the pic looks a bit depressed (can a pic look depressed? lol), i like that!


84. Signed by thom [ www ] April 20, 2003
wow.. i am amazed by ur site... it is so amazing... i love the layout and your piles and piles of content lol

83. Signed by Cécile [ www ] April 19, 2003
this site is absolutely stunning!!! I love the design and the use of so many fonts... I found everything I was looking for... and phew, what a cool layout!!! excellent...

82. Signed by Decemberlady [ www ] April 19, 2003
Love the new design... you've put oodles of work into this, and it's beautifully done! Awesome site Shiricki!


81. Signed by Erica [ www ] April 13, 2003
Version 8 looks incredible, girl! So glad to see some sappiness. ;)

80. Signed by eloise [ www ] April 12, 2003
ahhh! OMG shi you rock. this layout is gorgeous i love it. glad to see you back in action!!


79. Signed by Katherine [ www ] April 12, 2003
I've always loved this site/layout and I love this layout even better!! This is great! Great job,on the layout!

78. Signed by Day-Dreamer [ www ] April 11, 2003
It's really beautiful, expecialllllllllly after all you madify!!! GO ON LIKE THIS!!!

P.S. I'm sorry for mistake, but I'm just an Italian human being ;0p

Kiss, Day-Dreamer

77. Signed by Melissa [ www ] April 11, 2003
I thought your first version was stunning and inspirational this is stunning and even more inspriational. I love the new layout and the graphics. I'm going to have to go through more of the site later today but I can't believe how fast you got this up. Beautiful job as always!!

76. Signed by Chita [ www ] April 11, 2003
woooooooonderful *all the chitas flying high* and guess what - could made it the pink one is also loving the new layout *awwwww*

let´s have another shita night - let´s make more redesigns...plopp

75. Signed by Barry Bogart [ www ] April 8, 2003
Nice website you have here.

74. Signed by Kairisika [ www ] March 30, 2003
Awesome site!!!!!!

73. Signed by Kanika African Sculptures [ www ] March 25, 2003
Cool opening images!

72. Signed by Piper [ www ] March 15, 2003
Beautifull site, lot's of information to read. In other words well done!

71. Signed by romangirl [ www ] March 13, 2003
Living in Graz/Austria!
Like your site very much!
Visit gagc!

70. Signed by marie [ www ] March 6, 2003
cool site and like i always say bon travaille

69. Signed by Claudia [ www ] February 28, 2003
WOW!What a fantastic site!One of the best I´ve ever visit!!!!!
Mulder/David is sooooooooo hot(I have to say that*lol*) and Scully/Gillian is just beautiful and the best actress of all times. I love her!

68. Signed by Kris [ www ] February 22, 2003
he again! I luv xf. just incase you were wondering. Luv ur site. its great.

67. Signed by mocosa [ www ] February 19, 2003
liebe grüße von mocosa

66. Signed by Kris [ www ] February 16, 2003
yo. Mulder is hott. So is krycek. Im listening to bon jovi. bonce is a cool song. ne way ur site is kewl. Well i g2g email me!

65. Signed by Schildi-Kroete [ www ] January ,
It´s a very good site, do you have.

64. Signed by Schildi-Kroete [ www ] February 15, 2003
It´s a very good site, do you have.

63. Signed by Katherine [ www ] February 2, 2003
I love the x-files, have watched it since the first episode.

62. Signed by Jenny [ www ] January 12, 2003
Hi, I just love your site. It's awesome!!! :)

61. Signed by MJ [ www ] January 12, 2003
you guys have gotta update! ur site is really cool. have you thought about doing a 2003 calendar? anyway, just because the show's over doesn't mean it has to die! Keep the Truth alive!

60. Signed by LILTH SLOANE [ www ] January 7, 2003
Love the site,I really enjoyed it. LILY

59. Signed by Jane [ www ] January 2, 2003
I adore this site! The layout is so lovely. Happy new year!!!

58. Signed by Martin [ www ] December 14, 2002
This site is very good! You have done very good work

57. Signed by alex [ www ] December 12, 2002
hey whatsup… I heard of a new horror show that’s based on a steven king novel. Its gonna air on the usa network the name of it is the DEAD ZONE…anyone hear of it???? I think its suppose to be pretty good…. Thumbs up on all scary thrillers!!!! Alex I found out about it at

56. Signed by wendie lee [ www ] November 30, 2002
wow this sie is heaps good....great work!
i l ove it.

55. Signed by Sim M.Y [ www ] November 15, 2002
This is a beautiful, wonderfully, superbly done website! :) X-Files rules! I hope you mantain the site although the show is already over. :) Keep up the good work.. :)

54. Signed by maggy [ www ] November 12, 2002
Nice shot... Great artwork, go on this way!

53. Signed by msanthropickat [ www ] November 1, 2002
Love the site! I'm a huge x-files fan! I'm so glad that it's being shown on so many channels here! Great job, I hope to see more. Where are the wallpapers? If any....

52. Signed by Mark Beagle [ www ] October 30, 2002
Really excellent site with great graphics
and inteface, loved it!

51. Signed by marissa [ www ] October 28, 2002
im a huge fan of gillan and david and im planing on benig an actress like gillan in the future,although my family doesnt support me,i hope to be like gillan,ive only got 4 years till i gradguate and then i hope to go to england like gillan did to presue my dream of theater and i hope to make it just like gillan!!

50. Signed by Memento [ www ] October 7, 2002
Shir rocks! Teehee. I love your calendar desktops. It's so funny, I had an idea to do the exact same thing, but I guess you beat me to it so I'll leave you with your much better talent to it :o)


P.S. See you at CREATIVE!

49. Signed by Caitlin [ www ] October 4, 2002
Come see my site, and vote for me on the XF search engine! Your site is great!

48. Signed by Tine [ www ] October 2, 2002
Wow, I really love your site!
It has so much info, pictures and stuff.

Tine (The Hague, Holland)

47. Signed by Marion Kirchner, oder einfach WoD [ www ] September 26, 2002
Hi Shiricki
Hey, ich denke, du weißt noch, wer ich bin, oder?
Ich arbeite schon an der Bewertung zur Story, wollte dir nur schnell mitteilen, dass ich mir diese Page mal wieder von vorne bis hinten durchgelesen habe und dir immer wieder ein riesiges Kompliment machen muss, ich weiß nicht wie du das machst, solch eine umfangreiche und toll designte HP zusammenzustellen und dabei noch zig Nebenprojekte am Laufen zu haben, die ebenso gut sind...
Und vielleicht solltest du es wissen: Ich habe AllThingx von meiner Page aus verlinkt...nicht, dass du etwas dagegen hast...

Bye Marion

46. Signed by Sarah [ www ] September 13, 2002
I'm from Germany and I Think It's a very nice page!!! Go on like this!

45. Signed by Jessica [ www ] September 9, 2002
I love this site, it has a great layout and heeps of information!!! A Great Job!!! I'm sure to come back often!!!


44. Signed by Meagan [ www ] September 4, 2002
This site is amazing. I love the design, and even better is the content! :)

43. Signed by KAtherine [ www ] August 31, 2002
Awesome site!!!!!! I love it!! The layout and everything!!!! This is an amazing site,keep up the great work!!! :)

42. Signed by Jessica [ www ] August 30, 2002
Great Site Shiricki! I love it, it is damn good! Keep up the great work.

41. Signed by Crow DragonFire [ www ] August 20, 2002
Niice! Love the layout, the graphics, the content... everything about it!

40. Signed by eloise [ www ] August 19, 2002
wishing you a very belated happy birthday- your site is FANTASTIC- so much great content!! (roaring applause)

39. Signed by Terry [ www ] August 14, 2002
I wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Anniversary/Birthday!! Also, I love the GA Birthday Card! The images are beautiful and I love the b/w/sepia tone to it. Great work as always! Have an awesome day! Terry

38. Signed by Jill [ www ] August 13, 2002
Hmmm, I don't think I've signed your guestbook before. Shame on me! ;) You have a great site here and the design is fantastic! I've just added my link :)
- grateful hostee Jill

37. Signed by Claudia Modell [ www ] August 1, 2002
It seems your guestbook is working well:)
I wanted to tell you I love your webdesign:)


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