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236. Signed by grep [ www ] May 9, 2006
Hello! First.. nice site, thanks for this! Second.. I've decided to go back and watch all 9 seasons again (currently on season 5) and I must say, no show today has my interest as the X-files still do. I'm enjoying all the episodes this time around as well.

I thought I read rumors about a new movie being made, but haven't been able to find any information on it. I really hope it does happen!

235. Signed by Jennifer Dhursaille [ www ] May 1, 2006
didn't know it, really nice,liked it a lot, good job, keep on ,xoxo

234. Signed by Kerryn [ www ] April 24, 2006
I'm madly obsessed with the x-files!!!!!!!!!!
Could not live without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its honestly the best show ever,
anyway i really like the colours and pictures and designs on this site, its awesome!!!!!!!!!

233. Signed by Elaine [ www ] April 22, 2006
I found this website by chance, when looking for x-files songs and I just loved it!!! It's a really great site!!! It's good to know x-files didn't die for a lot more people other than me!

232. Signed by Bones [ www ] April 15, 2006
X-FILES FAN ALL THE WAY!!! LONG LIVE THE LEGACY!!! AND MAY THE TRUTH BE FOUND! i am a huge fan of the x-files, whn i was little i would sneak in2 my parents room n watch it w/o them knowing. i love agent mulder n scully, tho doggett n reyes were ok, the x-files was about the tension n humor n passion those 2 characters, mulder n scully, showed 4 eachother

231. Signed by Kurtis [ www ] April 12, 2006
X Files Rule I Love All Episodes (except series 9, [i want mulder :( he had to go])


Your One True Fan,


230. Signed by Fox Mulder [ www ] April 9, 2006
Enjoyed the site!

229. Signed by Roxana [ www ] April 5, 2006
I got here by accident and it was a very plesent surpise to see that i'm not the only one still interested in this series. I love the site by the way.

228. Signed by Maybe [ www ] March 27, 2006
I really like your layout! Glad to see that there still are xf sites running.. Keep up the good work!

227. Signed by Janet [ www ] March 20, 2006
Love the new design! Thought I'd leave you a comment here as well~ This layout is really really pretty. Just love how you did the image above.

226. Signed by Claudia [ www ] March 20, 2006
I love the new layout! It's simple but very beautiful! You used my fave colours, butterflies & flowers - great! :)

225. Signed by david [ www ] March 18, 2006
wow, i love it the new look and every thing. I just found the site not to long ago, and i was so happy to find a still working x-files site. :D

224. Signed by Krystal [ www ] March 16, 2006
Oh wow! I am lovin' this new layout! You are the best! It's sooo beautiful, as you can tell I'm in complete awe over it :)

You rawk!

223. Signed by Georgie [ www ] March 15, 2006
I love the new layout!! It shocked me when I came on here this morn, I was like WOAH!

^_^ tis awesome


G x

222. Signed by M [ www ] March 15, 2006
Nice layout!! It made my.. night XD
And yes!!! Xfiles is very much still alive in my <3 !!!

221. Signed by Krystal [ www ] March 11, 2006
Thank you for keeping the site alive, it's the only HQ fansite that has lasted this long and I'm happy it's still here. I love this site, it's an excellent resource to the community! Thank you!

220. Signed by Maria Conticello [ www ] March 7, 2006
great great great great!!!!!

219. Signed by sully [ www ] February 23, 2006
thanks so much for putting such a beautiful site together!

218. Signed by Talia [ www ] February 21, 2006
Loving the site - excellent work

217. Signed by Linda [ www ] February 18, 2006
Great site!!

216. Signed by Julia [ www ] February 13, 2006
Hi!!! It’s really nice what you do with your video archive. I never had the chance to see the last two seasons. I enjoy a lot seeing these little videos. In my country they stopped air them somewhere around the sixth season. Right now I don’t have the money to buy the DVDs, but guess what I will buy whit my fist check ;p. I would like to see new videos. Maybe you will post some. I haven’t seen the large archive you said you had before. Keep up with the good work!!!!!!!!!!!! By!!!

215. Signed by basanet [ www ] January 19, 2006
Hi there.
I'm basanet. I'm writing from Italy and I'm an X-files fan.

214. Signed by LAURA [ www ] January 14, 2006
Thanks for keeping this site for people like me. I'm a fan o X-files and I'm very sad because I can't watch the two last seasons just for tv channel never seem to air them.
Luckily, now I can buy them at a very good price in a second hand shop, which is great for my pocket. By now I must be happy just watching little video cuts in the web.... Till then you're my only source

213. Signed by nat [ www ] January 12, 2006
gr8 site brill artwork xf is gr8

212. Signed by Catherine GIbbons [ www ] January 7, 2006
I like this site alot!!

211. Signed by marina [ www ] January 2, 2006
Hi! my name is Marina! I from Latvia!How are you? What do you do now!What you hobby? I work in the shoppihg. I like listen music and danc for it!The read "The x-files"! If you khow what do Duhovnij,tell mi ,please!

210. Signed by Spookyshuang [ www ] November 30, 2005
I have get here once,and I found it is so nice, I have recommondate it to my friends.They all love it, thank you for your hard work,.
have a good time.

209. Signed by Nikayla [ www ] November 30, 2005
WOW! What a positively superb website. Intuitively designed and wonderfully original. Keep up the good work!!!


208. Signed by Paula [ www ] November 19, 2005
Great Site!! One of the bests!!

207. Signed by Anne [ www ] November 15, 2005
It's so great to find a good site dedicated to the XF. I've been a fan since Jan. 96. It's good to see others have not forgotten this wonderful show. Keep up the excellent work!

206. Signed by Larry [ www ] November 12, 2005
Great site!! I like the ability to look at the information that you have collected for each episode. Unfortuntally, I cannot get the downloads to work.
Keep it alive~~

205. Signed by Paola [ www ] November 6, 2005
it´s great... i luv it!!!!

204. Signed by Lauren [ www ] October 27, 2005
Lovin ur site.....i love the welcome 'The X-Files is over - and is not' totally my philosophy!
Plus can't wait til 8....Bleak House starts! Yey!
Luv Lauren

203. Signed by Akima Hem [ www ] September 29, 2005
Hi, as the others, i really like your site, because i could find all main informations about the x files. And i'm expecially glad, that you collected the music of the film. Cool! THX

202. Signed by Nadine [ www ] September 16, 2005
i really like your style of the site..
its ace.. nice one

201. Signed by Linda [ www ] August 26, 2005
I hope you do keep your promise to keep this site up. It is fantastic and the best I have ever seen.
X-files should last forever.

200. Signed by silke & daddy [ www ] August 25, 2005
Mach' weiter so - Du bist einfach klasse! Wir sind sehr stolz auf Dich und haben Dich sehr lieb! viele knutscher und grüsse!

199. Signed by Cristy [ www ] August 15, 2005
WOW! your site is very impressive. i like the pictures and recordings and other featuers. keep up the good work!

198. Signed by Zexelyxo [ www ] August 8, 2005
Hello, just discovered your lovely domain today
today ^^ I love the brightness and the flow
of the layouts, keep it up!

197. Signed by Mariana [ www ] July 28, 2005
I really like your site, it's got amazin' pics and I completely love the collages. I'm a big x-files fan and is good to find places x-file related. keep goin' :)

196. Signed by spookyshuang [ www ] July 4, 2005
I link the colour of your site, and your contents.I link the art work most. They are wonderful.I think this is a great site.

195. Signed by Cecilia [ www ] June 27, 2005
Hi! Love your site. Thanks heaps for allowing me to enjoy your site and our mutual love of the xfiles. I hope you do keep your sight up and running forever as promised, as I am and always will be a true xfiles fan.

194. Signed by mary astadourian...2shy..whatever-es waren viele [ www ] June 25, 2005
hi shiriki!
lang, lang ist's her! ich weiß schon gar nicht mehr, unter welchem namen du mich kennst...
es waren so viele!
naja, meine "aktiven zeit" ist vorbei- habe ich gedacht! hatte lust, mal wieder bei allthingx vorbei zu schauen...respect, die seite ist echt genial geworden! vermisse das mailing system etwas... aber egal!
schreib doch mal, wenn du lust hast!!!
viele liebe grüße

193. Signed by fred [ www ] June 25, 2005
I am looking for a good picture of scully's tattoo.

192. Signed by maya [ www ] June 23, 2005
my name is maya, and i create a new german x-files page. Now I work at the link-Site. Can I link your Site at my Homepage? Sorry, my englisch isn´t very good, but I like your Site so much and I would be very happy, if you visit my page:

x-files forever

191. Signed by Anna [ www ] June 4, 2005
Hi:) I'm fan of x files and Gillian. I've just downloaded X Files Theme Techno Mix and I must say that it's the best mix I've ever heard!!

190. Signed by Faye [ www ] May 11, 2005
Absolutely LOVE your site. (I am a big fan of Alelou123's fanfics) and this is just such a beautiful site. I love the colouring you've done and the pictures. And everything is so organised and neat. Just love it and I'm hoping very much so that you're keeping this up. Love the X-files with all my heart as I love your site as well.


189. Signed by carly [ www ] April 27, 2005
hi everybody!!!! I love X-files, it´s the best, the actors are so excitings and i love them!!! i want to tell too , i wish the serie wouldn't have finished. David i love You!!!! Gillian you're the best too. thanks for all. some kiss!!!

188. Signed by Kate Nagini Drake [ www ] April 16, 2005
I LOOOOOOVEEEEEEE X-files!!!!! ^^ And i love David Duchovny.. or rather Fox Mulder.... I like hi more than the actor I think... He's so cool! ^.^
I think this layout is very good. I'd be happy to be able to make something like this but I'm not. I think.... Such a pity.. -.-'
Thit is a guestbook but what more can I write here? I like your site and it looks pretty good! ^____^
Best wishes from Slovakia!

187. Signed by Georgie [ www ] April 12, 2005
I love this site XD, its gr8. the transcripts are the best *claps*

I have all 9 seasons on dvd, currently up to episode 5 of Season 9, so ive nearly finished *cries*.

x-files was the greatest show on tv, i was upset when it ended *sniffles* Terrific acting all round, LOVE IT!

keep up the good work

Georgie x

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