9×11 Audrey Pauley

Reyes drops Doggett off after work, and he laments that he is thinking about getting a cat to subsidize his lonely existence. ìYou are a dog person, John,î she laughs. There is an awkward moment between them, but Doggett gets out of the car and goes into his house. Reyes pulls away and her car is suddenly hit in a crash. She is rushed to the hospital where she is examined by the trauma team. When Dr. Preijers flashes his penlight in her eyes, Reyes wakes up. Yet she is in another hospitalís emergency room and she is all alone. There are no doctors around, and this doppel hospital seems abandoned and quiet. Although there is one trickle of blood on her forehead, Reyes is otherwise fine. She walks to the entrance of the ER and stops short. The hospital building is floating in a dark void of nothingness.

Reyes goes back inside and wipes the blood from her forehead. Stephen Murdoch, a patient who doesnít know why he too is in this doppel hospital, greets her and introduces her to another patient, Mr. Barreiro. Both Murdoch and Barreiro are convinced that they are dead, but Reyes doesnít believe it. She roams the doppel hospital, realizing that there are no signs on any of the walls and that all of the paperwork on the charts is written in gibberish. Murdoch tells her that he has gotten used to this fact, figuring that he is in some kind of in-between state on his way to Heaven. Reyes wonders if maybe she is merely hallucinating. She again goes to the door of the hospital and drops a coffee mug into the void. It is caught in a flash of electricity and vanishes.

At the regular hospital, Reyes lies in a coma-state attached to ventilators. Her heart still beats. Doggett does not want to accept that Reyes is brain dead. Dr. Preijers states that Reyes signed an organ donor card, but Doggett refuses to let her go just yet.

Reyes sees a woman in the doppel hospital. The woman runs away and disappears into a blank wall. Suddenly, Barreiroís body is overcome with electrical sparks. He fades away, just like Reyesí coffee mug. Reyes explains to Murdoch that she believes that they are not really dead. Whatever happened to Barreiro caused him to die. Meanwhile, in the regular hospital, Dr. Preijers shuts off the life support unit keeping the real body of Mr. Barreiro alive. The doctor apologizes to Barreiroís family, as the mystery woman in the doppel hospital watches. She is a patientís aide by the name of Audrey Pauley, and she goes about her rounds delivering flowers.

Doggett begs Scully for help in buying time for Reyes. He points out on Reyesí EEG chart that she had brain activity up until one distinct point. Doggett is determined to find out what happened. He questions Dr. Preijers whether there was a change in Reyesí condition at that time. Preijers gives Doggett Reyesí chart. Doggett goes to Reyesí room and finds Audrey Pauley there. She comfortingly tells him that Reyesí soul is not gone. He says that he wishes he could talk to her. Audrey then goes down to the hospital basement to her own private room. Thereís a small-scale model of the hospital there. She peers inside the model and concentrates. In the doppel hospital, Reyes and Murdoch are trying to open all the locked doors when Reyes sees Audrey. She begs her not to run away again. Reyes asks Audrey to show them the way out, but Audrey tells them that she canít. Audrey informs Reyes that her friend loves her very much. Reyes gives Audrey a message for Doggett: ìTell him heís a dog person.î Audrey rounds a corner and disappears.

Back at the hospital, Nurse Edwards helpfully tells Dr. Preijers that he neglected to put an injection on Reyesí notes before handing them over to Doggett. Preijers asks if anyone else noticed, and then lunges at her. He stabs her with a needle in the neck. The nurse falls to the ground.

Doggett sadly remembers his last conversation with Reyes about pets. Yet he imagines that this time, he kisses her. He is snapped back to reality by the commotion in the hospital. Nurse Edwards has been found dead. Doggett tells Scully that this nurse worked on Reyes, and perhaps foul play is involved. He has her autopsy Edwardsí body for signs of murder. Scully suggests that he not believe this will bring Reyes back to life. Audrey delivers Reyesí message to Doggett, explaining that she is ìnot gone.î She takes him to her room and shows him her model hospital, explaining that she made it so that she can enter it in her head. She used to have it all to herself, until hospital patients showed up — including Reyes. Doggett asks her for the names of the other patients inside.

Reyes theorizes that the doppel hospital resembles a movie set, created by someone who didnít get it quite right. Suddenly, Murdoch falls to the floor. His body begins to crackle with electricity. In the real world, Dr. Preijers has clicked off Murdochís life support system. Doggett hands Scully the charts of Barreiro and Murdoch, who had both been declared brain dead by Dr. Preijers. Doggett is convinced that Preijers injected them and Reyes with something to cause their bodies to shut down. Although Barreiro has passed, they can still save Murdoch and Reyes. Yet Doggett and Scully find that Murdoch is already dead. Doggett goes to Audreyís room and begs for her help. He asks her to go back into her model and explain the situation to Reyes. Doggett breaks down in tears, saying that he needs Reyes to fight and prove that sheís still alive. Dr. Preijers secretly watches as Doggett leaves Audreyís room.

Audrey goes into the doppel hospital and warns Reyes. She is upset because she canít help Reyes escape. Yet Reyes realizes that Audery is dyslexic, and that the doppel hospital and all its gibberish charts are her creation. She convinces Audrey that since it is her hospital, she can make the rules work any way she wants. Audrey disappears, and returns to her real room. Dr. Preijers is there, holding a needle. He blames her for what heís being accused of. In the doppel hospital, Reyes sees the walls warble and finds that Audrey has returned. Audrey leads her to the front door and tells Reyes to jump into the abyss. Although Reyes is afraid she will die, Audrey assures her that she will be safe. Audrey serenely says that she now knows who told her to build the fake hospital. With a leap of faith, Reyes falls into the void. Audrey evaporates along with the doppel hospital.

In Reyesís hospital room, Scully tells Doggett that the transplant teams are in place. Doggett still refuses to let them take Reyes. Scully wants him to convince her and the doctors that Reyes is still alive. Suddenly, Reyes awakes and says, ìAudrey.î Doggett rushes to the basement and grabs Preijers. He is saddened to see Audrey dead on the floor.

Three days later, Doggett drives Reyes home from the hospital. They say goodnight to each other, and Reyes goes into her apartment, alone.

Original Air Date: 03/17/02

Written by Steven Maeda
Directed by Kim Manners

GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully
ROBERT PATRICK as Special Agent John Doggett
ANNABETH GISH as Special Agent Monica Reyes

Also Starring:
Stan Shaw as Stephen Murdoch
Tracey Ellis as Audrey Pauley
Jack Blessing as Dr. Jack Preijers
Del Zamora as Mr. Barreiro
Michele Harrell as Mrs. Murdoch
Vernee Watson-Johnson as Nurse Whitney Edwards
Esther ìTitaî Mercado as Mrs. Barreiro
Cynthena Sanders as ER Nurse
Joe Nieves as Barreiroís Son
Ana Maria Lagasca as Barreiroís Daughter