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Dr. Blockhead: Did you know that the Chinese art of sucking your balls up in your ass? [Scully starts laughing]
Mulder: Doing it as we speak!
Scully blows her lines. Says something about some "violent fucking behaviour" and Mulder answers yes.
Bloopers, from "Inside The X-Files".
Scully: Have you ever had any dealings with a cow?
Mulder: Just exactly what are you implying, Agent Scully?
Mulder: ... getting my ass licked, I mean kicked, I mean kicked, he kicked my ass.
Mulder and Scully talk about some shadow.
Scully: Mulder.....
Mulder: What?
Scully: Suck my dick
Mulder and Scully talk about some train leaving and then about some mother fucker!

Mulder: How can I disprove lies that are stamped with an official seal?
Some Government Guy: That will be all Mr. Mulder.
Mulder: *Sighing*, you can deny all of the things I've seen, all the things I've discovered but not for much longer because too many others know what's happening up there and no one, no government agency has jurisdiction over the truth.
Mulder: You ever had the suspicion that you've been abducted by aliens?
Scully: Not everything's about you Mulder.
Scully: Meanwhile I've quit the FBI and become a spokesperson for the Ab-Roller.
Scully: Mulder why can't you just accept the facts?
Mulder: I know what you're afraid of... I'm afraid of the same thing.
Mulder: Hey Scully do you believe in an afterlife?
Mulder: So it's actually possible to alter somebody else's dreams?
Scully: In theroy yes.
Mulder: That's a bad thing?
Scully: Business must be booming.
Mulder: I think you mean banging.


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