8×21 Existence

A pathologist is called in late at night to examine the gnarled body of Billy Miles (crushed in the garbage truck in 8X20). The doctor pulls from the remains a piece of metallic vertebrae and, thinking it is most likely trash, places it on a nearby lab tray. He leaves the office with plans to continue the autopsy in the morning. The metal magically spins on the tray and reproduces itself, progressively growing larger.

At the FBI, Mulder produces a video grab of a healthy and re-formed Billy Miles walking out of the morgue the previous night. Krycek explains to Skinner and Doggett that Billy is a human replacement — a new kind of alien created to repopulate the planet. Although Billy may not find the hiding Scully, Krycek warns that others like him will. Agent Crane interrupts to tell Doggett that Knowle Rohrer is in the building to see him. Rohrer fabricates a story to Doggett that his investigation is military in nature and stemmed from a plan to create a super soldier. He explains that Billy is a prototype who is now after Scully because she was abducted by the military and impregnated with such a prototype. The chip in her neck was used to monitor her. When Rohrer asks where Scully is, Doggett claims ignorance. Meanwhile, Billy Miles enters the FBI hallway, unnoticed by everyone but Krycek. When Krycek bolts out of Skinnerís office, Skinner follows him into an elevator to flee Billy. As the doors shut out Billy, his hand penetrates the metal and goes straight into the elevator chamber. Billy swings his arm and cuts into the top of Skinnerís head, which knocks out the A.D. While Skinner later recuperates in the hospital with a concussion, Doggett tells Mulder that his informant Rohrer tipped him off that this would happen. Doggett is concerned that his knowledge of Scullyís whereabouts may eventually catch up with him.

Scully and Reyes drive through the night into Democrat Hot Springs, Georgia. Although it was once the city where Doggett was born, it is now a deserted ghost town. They set up camp in an abandoned house of worship that has no running water. That evening, Reyes goes outside to have a nerve-settling cigarette, when a light in the sky catches her eye. While too low and bright to be a star, it is unidentifiable. She ignores it and goes back inside. Seeing the newly cleaned building, Scully thanks Reyes for her kindness and tells the agent that she reminds her of her late sister, Melissa. Reyes sees someone lurking outside and draws her gun. A truck driven by a female game warden comes barreling toward her. The agents explain that Scullyís life is in danger and that they are in hiding. The warden kindly gives them her first aid kit and a camp stove before leaving. Reyes admits to Scully that her vibrations are inclining that ìsomething feels offî about the abandoned place. When she goes outside to get more water, she again sees the light in the distant sky. While she is watching it, Billy Miles appears and throws her against a wall. Before he can attack her, a gunshot blows a hole through his chest. The game warden stands aside, her rifle still smoking. Reyes sees the alien vertebrae on Billyís neck, and she and the warden carry his limp body to show Scully that heís dead. Scully, still worried that he can never be killed, announces that she is going into labor.

Sitting in the FBI garage, Doggett asks Mulder when his quest is going to end. Mulder responds that perhaps it never will. They see Krycek pulling into the garage. His passenger is the ubiquitous Knowle Rohrer. Doggett follows Rohrer into the FBI building, finding him surreptitiously meeting with Agent Crane. Hiding from them, he meets up with Skinner, and they call Mulder with news about Crane. Mulder, still in the garage watching Krycek, says that Krycek, Rohrer and Crane are all in it together, fooling the agents into believing that they are protecting Scully. Mulder tells Doggett to get out of there and asks him to reveal where Reyes took Scully. Suddenly, the car window smashes and Krycek holds Mulder at gunpoint. Krycek says that he tried to stop the aliens but it is now too late. Although he has protected Mulderís life in the past, Krycek explains that he is forced to kill him now because the conspiracy goes deep into the FBI. Krycek cocks his gun trigger and aims at Mulder, but Skinner shoots him in the arm. Krycek pleads with the A.D. to kill Mulder, insisting that he can save more lives that way. Skinner listens, but then shoots Krycek squarely between the eyes, killing him. Mulder takes off to the airport in pursuit of Scully. Upstairs in the building, Doggett pulls his gun on Rohrer and Crane, and they chase him. Doggett runs into Skinner, and the two break for their car. They run over Crane, but he is still alive, hanging onto the side of the vehicle. Crane smashes through the window, while Rohrer follows in another car. Skinner sideswipes a concrete pole, ridding him of Crane. When Crane gets up, Rohrerís car hits him and swerves out of control. Rohrer crashes into a wall, and his car explodes.

Reyes is preparing for Scullyís birth when she notices the alien vertebrae on the game wardenís neck. She throws boiling water on the warden, screaming ìWho are you?î Suddenly, a number of cars pull up to the abandoned town and a perfectly healthy Billy Miles gets up off the ground. ìThis baby will be born,î the replicant game warden says. Scully screams in pain, watching as a crowd of aliens walk into the building and surround her. ìThis is my baby! Please donít let them take it,î she pleads to Reyes. The aliens watch silently as Scully gives birth with Reyesí assistance. Mulder flies overhead in a helicopter and the aliens pull away in their cars. He lands, and runs toward the building, calling out for Scully. Reyes orders him to take Scully to the hospital.

Back at the FBI, Kersh reprimands Doggett and Reyes for the report they have filed. Doggett has personally assigned Reyes to the X-files because the Deputy Directorís office is under investigation. Doggett accuses Kersh of meeting with two missing men who were presumed dead — Crane and Rohrer. Later, Mulder comes to Scullyís apartment where the Lone Gunmen are bearing gifts. They learned from Doggett that he never told Mulder exactly where to find Scully. ìThere was a light. I followed it,î Mulder says. The Gunmen depart, and Scully shows Mulder the baby, whom she named William, after Mulderís father. Although the baby is completely human, they comment that he is still a miracle. Mulder believes that the aliens did not take him because they thought he would be otherwise. ìI think we feared the possibility,î he tells Scully. ìThe truth we both know.î And as he cradles their son, he leans in and kisses her.

Original Air Date: 05/20/01

Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Kim Manners

DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder
GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully
ROBERT PATRICK as Special Agent John Doggett

Also Starring:
Nicholas Lea as Alex Krycek
Mitch Pileggi as A.D. Walter Skinner
Annabeth Gish as Special Agent Monica Reyes
Adam Baldwin as Knowle Rohrer
James Pickens, Jr. as Deputy Director Kersh
Kirk B.R. Woller as Agent Gene Crane
Tom Braidwood as Frohike
Dean Haglund as Langly
Bruce Harwood as Byers
Zachary Ansley as Billy Miles
Austin Tichenor as Dr. Langenhahn
Tom Martin as Pathologistís Assistant
Dale Dickey as Game Warden
Jerry Shiban as Scullyís Baby