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Full site credit: shiricki
First of all the whole site is credited to me: shiricki. I have done everything over here, if not otherwise staded. Please do not copy anything without my permission. Ask before you take anything and always give proper credit. Thanks.
Credit: for the episode and biography information.

Deep Background
Credit: for some biography & random information.

Credit: some information on The X-Files.

XF Photos &
Credit: for some of The X-Files images. (closed) &
Credit: for the music information.

Credit: for permission to use the transcripts.

Carry K., Tiny Dancer and Steph
Credit: for transcripting.
Credit: for the kind permission to use these sweet images for the X-Files quizzes! Biggest thanks!!!

angelic-trust, VBrush, nocturna, Tere, Kessia, Abr, BrushaBrusha
Credit: brushes used for the all thingx destop calendar.

Decemberlady, Eve, Ilka, Kate, Kessia, Kim, Linzee, Q.J., Ririn, Rushme, Tere, Terry, Touchstone
Credit: for the permission to archive their wonderful artwork!

Kelsang Pagpa
Credit: for the help with the Buddhism FAQ.

Helen Jenkins, ErinGoBragh, Alex, Lindsay McClane, Seraphina , Claudia, Mick, Vero
Credit: for submitting quotes for season 7-9!


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