Monica Reyes

Special Agent Monica Reyes – Annabeth Gish

First appearance: “This Is Not Happening”
Last appearance: “My Struggle IV”

Full Name: Monica Reyes
Job: Special Agent 
Date of Birth: remains unknown
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: brown 
Height: adoptive parents 
Martial Status: single
Badge Number: not listed

Although born in Austin, Texas, Monica Reyes was adopted by Mexican parents and raised in Mexico. She has never identified her birth parents.

She majored in folklore and mythology at Brown University, earning her bachelors and masters degrees in four years. After considering an academic career, she instead enrolled at Quantico in 1990. Reyesí first FBI assignment was to serve on a special task force investigating claims of Satanic ritual abuse. None of the charges was ever substantiated, and a report was issued in 1992.

Reyes then served in the New York City field office, where among her cases was the kidnapping of 8 year-old Luke Doggett, son of New York City police officer John Doggett. The boy was eventually found dead, but no suspect was ever apprehended. In 1999, she transferred to the New Orleans field office. She remained there until the former cop-turned FBI Agent Doggett convinced her to accept a post on the X-files unit in Washington, DC.

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Law Enforcement Background:
– 1990 ó Began active duty in FBI; initially assigned to special task force investigating claims of Satanic ritual abuse.
– 1992 ó Assigned to New York City field office; investigated kidnapping and murder of Luke Doggett, son of NYPD Sgt. John Doggett, later of the FBI.
– 1999 ó Assigned to New Orleans field office.
– 2001 ó Assisted HQ to task force searching for missing Special Agent Fox Mulder; subsequently assigned to X-Files Division.