A little bit of history.
Why did I choose  allthingx.com? Well, that is pretty simple. Cause I am addicted to this episode "all things" (7x17) written by Gillian Anderson (who I totally adore!!!). Well, before I registered I had one of these cjb.net redirections. But I wanted more. After seeing "all things" I HAD TO register all thingx. I simply replaced the S by an X. That's all ... however some people mix my name up with allthings x or something .... What the hell is so difficult about it??? LOL. That's frustrating. Cause, who needs a S when you can get an X instead? I never wanted allthings.com or something, cause it's too in general. allthingX.com expresses that this site is about everything with regard to The X Files.

I started like everyone started. With a bad layout with bad images on a bad free server. At first I just tried out a lot. I tried out several html editors and image programs but then I started to learn some html instead of using editors and wrote html sites just for fun. After that I founded my first site with little content. I had several BAD layouts ... I always thought that I want something that's really good ... I mean ... I really did not know what I was doing when I started my first site ... but it's all about improvement. I gathered more content and got permission of authors to feature their fanfiction or musicvideos and images. I got more skilled with doing layouts and images ... and finally, after a while, it turned out the other way round. Authors and creators asked me to put up their stuff. I think ... this was the time when I broke through ... lol. But I am still asking others, if I could promote their stuff, cause it's just great to feature skilled people!
On August 9th, 2001 all thingx celebrated it's 1 birthday. I am happy that it is still alive and that I still have fun with it. But my time has become rare, cause I have several other domains and sites. Nevertheless all thingx is my first site and I really love it ... . It's - like for every webmaster out there - something very special ... cause I started with it ... it's my first www project ever. And as long as I love The X Files or at least Gillian Anderson this site will exist - I think forever.

The webmistress.
That must be me - shiricki. You can read more about me here. Yes, and I am on my own with all thingx. I am maintaining all thingx alone. Okay I have to say that I have not written all of these fanfiction and I haven't created all artwork and musicvideos by myself, but ... well, in general I can say, I have created quite everything. Hehe ...
It's just my silly head ... lol ... I am a workaholic with regard to sites on the web ... in general I am lazy with regard to school etc ... lol. Who else is not?

About the current layout.
This is version 9.0 called "Forever".
It's really painstaking to rewrite the whole site. But I made it to change all thingx nine times. Everything is created and copyrighted by me! You want? You ask.

Previous versions.
Have a look on the previous versions on the right. I missed to take screenshots of versions 1- 4 but there are shots of the most recent ones.

10.0 Flower Mysteries
9.0 Forever
8.04 Memories
7.00 Milagro
6.00 Signs
5.00 all things

10.0 Flower Mysteries 9.0 Forever 8.0 Memories
7.0 Milagro 6.0 Signs 5.0 all things

HTML/PHP: I usually write it myself. I do not use Dreamweaver or something. Tried it once but it makes me sick ...
Graphics: I use a lot of image programs. First of all, of course Adobe Photoshop 6 and higher. It's just the best! Then follows Image Impression, Picture Publisher 9, sometimes also Paint Shop Pro 7 and I even use Paint ... lol ... that's not very often but sometimes simple is better.
Videos and Musicvideos: I cut and edit them with Adobe Premiere 5.1 and then format them to wmv or rm with either Windows Media encoder ot Real Media Encoder.

I use a german host. It's quite good and it's ... well ... neither cheap nor expensive. I think I pay a good price for all what I get. I think it's about $18 a month just for all thingx. Is it worth it? Yes I think so. As long as there is still one person visiting all thingx a day ... I think it is ... I am happy with more than 20.000 visitors at the moment. I have a uniquie counter, as a result double clicks on all thingx a day do not count. So I can be sure of the number of visitors and I am satisfied with each and every. Currently I am not hosting anyone else with all thingx. But I have a small free service called gubblebum.net, that hosts journal sites.


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