6×17 Trevor

Inside a prison compound in Stringer, Mississippi, two inmates, Rawls and Whaley, hurriedly board up barracks windows as stormy-and possibly tornadic-weather approaches. Rawls and Whaley get into an argument, and as a guard looks on, Rawls drives a nail through Whaley’s hand. Rawls is brought before the superintendent, Robert Fellowes, who sentences him to “the box.” As the wind howls, and the sky grows darker, Rawls begs to be let out of his tiny prison. But no one comes to his aid. After the storm passes, the guard finds that “the box” has been blown to oblivion. He makes his way to Fellowes’ office to relay the news. Inside, he discovers Fellowes’ body, which has been severed in half.

Scully and Mulder examine the remains inside a morgue. Though Fellows’ body is cut across the torso, not a drop of blood was discovered inside the office. Scully is at a loss to explain his condition, except for the possibility of spontaneous combustion. The agents speak with the prison guard, who relays his theory that the ghost of Pinker Rawls is responsible for the murder. Mulder disagrees with the theory. He believes Rawls is very much alive. Shortly thereafter, Mulder discovers an irregularity in the wall of Fellowes’ office. He applies some pressure to the area… causing a hole the size of a man to open. The agents then discover a photo of Rawls and his girlfriend, June, amongst his possessions. Meanwhile, June learns of Rawls’ presumed death while watching a television news broadcast.

Rawls breaks into a department store to steal some clothes. A security guard catches him in the act and handcuffs him to a steal beam. But Rawls escapes from his binds and makes off in the security guard’s car. A short time later, the agents arrive at the scene. The security guard identifies Rawls as the suspect. Mulder then examines the still-closed handcuffs… and whacks the ends against the steel beam. They shatter like glass. Meanwhile, Rawls makes his way to a dilapidated house rented by his old friend, Bo. It turns out that Rawls is looking for June, whom Bo ended up having an affair with. Bo pulls out a gun and fires, striking Rawls in the heart. But the bullets have no effect.

The agents discover Bo’s faceless body inside his home. They assume that Rawls is after the $90,000 he made off with during a robbery years earlier. Mulder discovers tiny silver globules imbedded in the wall of the house. Mulder hypothesizes that the bullets travel right through Rawls without harming him… and that Rawls is capable of moving through solid objects.

A short time later, Rawls pays June’s sister, Jackie, a surprise visit. Jackie grabs hold of a knife and barricades herself inside her bedroom. Rawls strips off his clothes and, when Jackie isn’t looking, enters the room by passing through a wall. Mulder and Scully arrive at the house, saving Jackie from harm. The agents then head for June’s house. Unbeknownst to them, Rawls stowed away in the trunk of their car (by passing through the metal).

June admits it was she who came upon Rawls’ $90,000 while he was in prison. She spent the money on a down payment for her house. Later, when Mulder opens the trunk of his car, he notices a cracking noise. He pokes the lid with his finger, and it crumples. Mulder instructs two troopers to place June under constant guard. A short time later, he and Scully reenter June’s house, where they happen upon the writing “I Want What’s Mine,” scrawled across a wall. Mulder assumes Rawls used his finger to create the message. He notices that the final “e” ends where a mirror hangs on a wall. Putting the pieces together, he realizes that Rawls’ power is electrical in nature, and can be stopped by an insulator, such as glass or rubber. He and Scully discover unpaid hospital maternity bills amongst June’s possessions. They realize that Rawls isn’t after money-he’s after his son, Trevor.

Rawls morphs though the ceiling of June’s hotel room. By the time the agents arrive, June and Rawls are gone and the state trooper guarding the room is dead. Meanwhile, Rawls tells June that he heard about the existence of his son from a fellow inmate. He demands that she take him to see the child.

The agents realize that Jackie is caring for June’s son. Unfortunately, Rawls arrives at Jackie’s house before they do. Jackie hurls boiling soup at Rawls’ face, but the liquid passes through it. Jackie then swings the pan… and the glass connects with his head. Trevor runs out the door with Rawls in close pursuit. Mulder and Scully arrive at the scene. Mulder shoots Rawls with rubber bullets, which slows him down. Scully makes off with Trevor, but Rawls follows. Thinking quickly, Scully takes refuge in a glass phone booth. Rawls is unable to pass through it, so he begins smashing the glass with a chunk of asphalt. Suddenly, June uses her station wagon to hit Rawls. He impacts on the passenger side of the windshield and is torn apart. Later, Mulder remarks that all Rawls really wanted was another chance. THE X-FILES “TREVOR”
#6X17 Original Air Date: 4/11/99

DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder
GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully

John Diehl as Pinker Rawls
Lamont Johnson as Whaley
Catherine Dent as June Gurwitch/Burdett
Tuesday Knight as Jackie Gurwitch
Jeffrey Schoeny as Trevor
Frank Novak as Superintendent Raybert Fellowes
David Bowe as Robert Werther
Keith Brunsmann as Bo
Robert Peters as Sergeant
Lee Corbin as Guard
Jerry Giles as Security Guard
Christopher Dahlberg as Trooper
Cary Pfeffer as Anchorman
Terri Merryman as Newscaster