6×02 Drive

Via a live news report, a high-speed car chase comes to an end in the Nevada desert. Assuming it to be a kidnapping, the female passenger is pulled from the vehicle and placed into the protective custody of a police vehicle. The driver, Patrick Crump, is pushed to the asphalt and handcuffed. The woman in the police car begins violently banging her head against the car window. As the news chopper catches all of this on film, the woman’s head explodes, sending a spray of blood across the window.

The agents get wind of this bizarre car chase as they’re doing scut work in Idaho. Mulder coerces Scully into taking a detour by Elko, Nevada on a hunch that this may be an X-File. Once there, however, Mulder manages to get himself kidnapped by Crump, who has escaped from the police.

Mulder realizes that Crump is in a considerable amount of pain and that the only way to ease the pain is to drive west. Scully investigates the Crumps home and discovers that an antenna array emitting ELF waves stretches beneath their property. She deduces that an abnormal surge in these waves somehow caused a rising pressure in the inner ear of the nearby inhabitants. Westward motion seems to be the only thing to help the ease the pain of the increasing pressure.

Mulder explains to Crump that Scully will meet them at the end of the highway. There she will insert a needle into Crump’s inner ear, hopefully relieving the pressure. But when Mulder arrives, it is too late. Crump has already died.

Original Air Date: 11/15/98

DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder
GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully

Mitch Pileggi as Assitant Director Walter Skinner
Junior Brown as the farmer
Bryan Cranston as Patrick Crump
Janine Venable as Vicky Crump
Michael O’Neill as the Patrol Captain
Bob Peters as the Idaho news anchor
Frank Buckley as the Nevada news anchor
Mindy Seeger as the coroner
Harry Danner as the CDC Doctor
James Pickens, Jr. as A.D. Kersh
Scott A. Smith as the prison doctor
Ken Collins as the gas station attendant