General Info About The X-Files

The X Files
[TV-Series 1993-2002]
Created by: Chris Carter

Seasons: 9
Runtime: 45 min · episode
Budget: $1,500,000 (per episode) (estimated)
Copyright Holder: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Awards: Won 5 Golden Globes. Another 61 wins & 141 nominations

Main Cast:
Gillian Anderson – Dana Scully (1993-2002)
David Duchovny – Fox Mulder (1993-2001, 2002)
Mitch Pileggi – Walter Skinner (1994-2002)
William B. Davis – Cigarette Smoking Man (1994-2000, 2002)
Robert Patrick – John Doggett (2000-2002)
Annabeth Gish – Monica Reyes (2001-2002)


The Truth is Out There (usually)
Trust No One (The Erlenmeyer Flask)
Deny everything (Ascension)
…Õ ëAANÕÕG”” ë¡HOOTí… — Navajo —
The Truth Is Far Away From Here
Apology is Policy (731)
Everything dies (Herrenvolk)
Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate (Teliko)
E PUR SI MUOVE — Italian —
And Still It Moves
Belive the Lie (Gethsemane)
All lies lead to the Truth (Redux, Patient X,
Mind’s Eye,
The Pine Bluff Variant)
Resist or Serve (The Red and the Black)
The End (The End)
Die Wahrheit ist irgendwo da drauflen — German —
The Truth Is Out There
In the biginning (The Unnatural)
Amor Fati — Latin —
Love of Fate
(The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati)
Believe to Understand (Closure)
Nothing Important Happened Today (Nothing
Important Happened
Today II)
Ereht Tuo si Hturt Eht
— Letters were spelled backwards and reversed —
They’re watching (Trust No 1)
Dio to Ama
— God Loves You —

Technical Specifications: Clairmont Cameras
Panavision Cameras and Lenses

Laboratory: DeLuxe
Gastown Film Labs Ltd., Vancouver, Canada

Film negative format: 35 mm
Video (NTSC) (episode “X-Cops (1999)”)

Printed film format: Video (NTSC)

Aspect ratio:
1.33 : 1 (seasons 1-4)
1.78 : 1 (seasons 5-9)