About All thingx

Why allthingx.com? Well, that is pretty simple. Cause I am addicted to this episode “all things (7×17) written by Gillian Anderson (who I adore). Before I registered I had one of these cjb.net redirections. But I wanted more. After seeing “all things” I HAD TO register all thingx. I simply replaced the S by an X. That’s all … however some people mix my name up with allthings x or something ….┬á Who needs a S when you can get an X instead? I never wanted allthings.com or something, cause it’s too in general. allthingX.com expresses that this site is about everything with regard to The X Files.

I started like everyone started.
With a bad layout with bad images on a bad free server. At first I just tried out a lot. I tried out several html editors and image programs but then I started to learn some html instead of using editors and wrote html sites just for fun. After that I founded my first site with little content. I had several BAD layouts … I always thought that I want something that’s really good … I mean … I really did not know what I was doing when I started my first site … but it’s all about improvement. I gathered more content and got permission of authors to feature their fanfiction or musicvideos and images. I got more skilled with doing layouts and images … and finally, after a while, it turned out the other way round. Authors and creators asked me to put up their stuff. I think … this was the time when I broke through … . But I am still asking others, if I could promote their stuff, cause it’s just great to feature skilled people!

On August 9th, 2020 all thingx celebrated it’s 20th birthday. I am happy that it is still alive and that I still have fun with it. But my time has become rare, cause I have several other domains and sites. Nevertheless all thingx is my first site and I really love it … . It’s – like for every webmaster out there – something very special … cause I started with it … it’s my first www project ever. And as long as I love The X Files or at least Gillian Anderson this site will exist – I think forever.

The web-mistress

That must be me – shiricki.
You can read more about me here. Yes, and I am on my own with all thingx. I am maintaining all thingx by myself since 2000. 100% non-profit und uncomercially.

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About the current layout

I simply don’t have time to code much for myself anymore. I have a 9-5 job and in my freetime, I just don’t want to code anymore or do graphics because that’s now my daily business. Understandable, right? ­čÖé

So, credit for the layout design goes to www.webmandesign.eu, editing was done by me.

Current version is called “Everything lives” as opposed to the famous X-Files quote “Everything dies”, because this site is still up, as many other fansites died.

 Previous layout versions

Have a look on the previous versions on the right. I missed to take screenshots of versions 1- 4 but there are shots of the most recent ones:

  • 11.0 Everything lives (since 2019)
  • 10.0 Flower Mysteries
  • 9.0 Forever
  • 8.04 Memories
  • 7.00 Milagro
  • 6.00 Signs
  • 5.00 All things
10.0 Flower Mysteries     9.0 Forever     8.0 Memories

7.0 Milagro     6.0 Signs     5.0 all things


Word Press: Because it is just easy to maintain.

HTML/PHP: I usually write it myself.

Graphics: I use a lot of image programs. First of all, of course Adobe Photoshop.

Videos and Musicvideos:
I cut and edit them with Adobe Premiere and then format them to wmv
or rm with either Windows Media encoder or Real Media Encoder.

Hosting: I use a german host. It’s quite good and it’s … well … neither cheap nor expensive. I think I pay a good price for all what I get. As long as there is still one person visiting all thingx now and then … I’ll keep the site up.