Marita Covarrubias

Marita Covarrubias – Laurie Holden

First appearance: “Herrenvolk”
Last appearance: “The Truth”

She is a blonde woman who works at the UN, where she is one of the Special Representatives of the Secretary General. Mulder finds her because X writes “SRSG” as his parting message (written in his own blood). He spends ages visiting every one of the SRSGs, and, of course, the one he leaves to last turns out to be the one with the information.

Where she lives: Unlike with the other mysterious informants, Mulder even knows her address! In “Teliko” he hangs around outside the UN building in New York to speak to her, and in “Tunguska” he goes to her apartment.

Who she likes: Her habit of slinking around in a white robe, looking sultry, while Mulder’s sprawled on her couch, has led many to wonder if she is after Mulder. In “Zero Sum,” she also lisps sultrily when passing on some boring and ordinary information to Skinner, suggesting that it’s just her style, and doesn’t mean she’s after Mulder.

She is, though, after Krycek. Despite (apparently) only meeting for the first time at the start of that episode, she ends up calling him “Alex” and kissing him passionately.

What she does: For a whole season, not much. She gives Mulder a few pictures, a few facts, a few plane tickets to Russia. She also wears a white robe and looks all seductive at Mulder, who has just been sleeping on her couch. (But he doesn’t sleep with her, not unless he can do it in two minutes then get down to the car).

In “Zero Sum,” we find out that she too is working for Cancerman. While X and Deep Throat were sometimes working to keep secrets even as they pretended to be sincere in their attempts to help Mulder, at least they were working against the wishes of the Consortium – witness the discussion of the security leak in “Wetwired” and “Herrenvolk.” Marita, however, is seen asking Cancerman what she should tell Mulder. She is told to tell him what he wants to hear.

(There is a man in the background as she is speaking in “Zero Sum.” Who is this? Some (a few) suggest it could perhaps be Mulder and that Marita is in fact playing Cancerman false – though nothing in later episodes suggests that this is really so. However, the Official Site’s summary of that episode says “Afterward, the Cigarette-Smoking Man instructs Marita Covarrubias, in the company of Syndicate members, to tell Mulder whatever he wants to hear. ” We have already established that CSM is alone, which suggests that the figure is simply a Consortium person – one of several in the room at the time.)

In “Patient X” she goes to Russia at the head of UN forces, but doesn’t seem to be working for the UN. She reports back to the Consortium when she returns, although she also contacts Mulder and tries to spill the story to him as well. She also goes off with the oil-infected boy whom Krycek had been planning to use to demonstrate the vaccine on, when he was showing WMM and friends that it worked. As WMM says to Krycek, “your alliance with her was as misguided as ours.”

In short, she seems to have offered support to everyone, and double-crossed them all. Why?

The end of Marita? In “Patient X,” as well as double crossing and kissing, she is also gunged! She gets infected with the black cancer, and is in a coma. She is cured (sadly, as many would say), though, when Krycek gives WMM the cure. She is used as an experimental subject, to see if the cure really works. It is slow to work, but does.

However, they don’t let her go, but keep her as an experimental subject, subjecting her to “terrible terrible tests” in their search for a perfect vaccine against the black oil. She crops up in “One Son” looking awful, stumbling round the corridors in Fort Marlene.