Friends and Partners

Ellen and her son Trent: Scully’s friend seen in Jersey Devil. Ellen had dark hair and tries to find Scully a man. Scully has told her Mulder is “cute.” Trent is Scully’s godson

Kathy: Scully’s cello playing friend in “Young at Heart.”

Tom Colton: FBI agent who knew Scully from Quantico. He has nothing but contempt for Mulder, calling him “Spooky” and refusing to listen to what he says. He asks Scully for help with a puzzling case in “Squeeze.” He screws up and ends up being reassigned to the South Dakota bureau office in the white-collar crimes division.

Jerry Lamana: Mulder’s old partner at Violent Crimes. Seen in “Ghost in the Machine.” They used to do good work together, but Lamana says that it was Mulder who got all the attention while he just tagged along. After losing some evidence, he is in disgrace and comes to Mulder for help. He is not above stealing Mulder’s work. He dies in a falling elevator, killed by an evil computer. Mulder seems upset by his death.

Reggie Purdue: Mulder’s ASAC on his first case – the case of John Barnett. Seen in “Young at Heart.” Mulder greets him by chanting “Reggie, Reggie,” which Purdue smiles at though professes to dislike. He claims to have taken little notice of all the “Spooky Mulder” and openly admires his old protege. His wife died several years ago, and he has been writing a mystery novel for ages, which he keeps meaning to show Mulder. He was killed by John Barnett.

Jack Willis: Seen in “Lazarus.” Scully’s instructor at the Academy, with whom she had a relationship some time in the past. He’s older than her, born in 1957 to her 1964, and has diabetes. We don’t know much about what happened during their relationship, except that they once spent a weekend up in the mountains at his parents’ cabin. It was very cold and they had to snuggle in front of a fire to keep warm. We’re also told nothing about how they split up, though it seems to have amicable, judging from the fact that they are still friends in early 1994 when she helps him catch the bank robbers. They were still together “three years ago” (1991) when Scully gave him a watch for his 35th birthday (actually his 34th, if you believe the birthdate given earlier.) He died in early 1994.

Phoebe Green: Scotland Yard Inspector seen in “Fire,” where Mulder introduces her as an “old friend.” He admits that he got in too deep with her and paid the price. Clearly she hurt him in the past, though it’s not made clear quite how, and she continues to hurt him. “Sooner or later a man’s got to face his demons,” seems to refer as much to Phoebe as to his fear of fire, after she turns up bringing a case she knows will disturb him. Yet just the next day he’s looking at a double-bed, telling Scully not to come up as he anticipates having his “hands full,” and then kissing Phoebe. He seems utterly shocked to find her in the arms of another man. We don’t know much about what they did in their relationship, apart from their rather unconventional sexual encounter atop Arthur Conan Doyle’s tomb.

Diana Fowley: is seen in “The End,” and, like Phoebe, is another old flame. See her separate page

Local Experts

These are experts consulted by Mulder and Scully, usually only in one episode. Most are FBI agents, but this also includes other non-FBI people who are based locally enough to be available to be consulted in other stories.

Atsumi, Leza: Special agent in “Conduit” who deciphers the binary figures written by Kevin Morris. Says the binaries are fragments of Shakespeare’s sonnets, the Koran, Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.

Beattie, Melvin: FBI arson specialist at the Washington office, in “Fire.” Seems rather interested in Phoebe, and, later in the same episode, in Scully. Like Agent Henderson, he’s nicely characterised in such a short appearance.

Bernstein, Daniel: Cryptologist at FBI office in Washington, in “Conduit”

Busch, Special Agent: Works at FBI Latent Fingerprint Analysis Lab, in “Irrisistible.”

Carpenter, Dr. Ann: Doctor at Georgetown University’s Microbiology Department. “The Erlenmeyer Flask.” Dies in this episode, so can’t be used in stories set after that.

Comox, Special Agent: Forensics expert who examines the metal pieces found in Duane Barry’s stomach.

Arthur Dales: An ex-FBI agent who first discovered the X- Files, and who was contacted by Mulder back in 1990. Initially reluctant to talk to him, Dales, by the time of the sixth season, is contacing Mulder with news of a case, suggesting they’ve been in contact in the meantime too. He doesn’t seem to approve of Scully at first, since she’s a non-believer, but seems quite converted by the end of of Agua Mala. See Travelers for his story.

Danny: The famous Danny is the person Mulder phones (especially in the first two seasons) to check number plates, provide information, and generally be useful. He is paid with tickets to sporting events. In “Conduit,” Daniel Bernstein is the person consulted by Mulder about Kevin’s binary writing, and he calls him “Danny” on the phone. However, Chris Carter has said that Danny’s surname is Vallideo (“a gnome who lives in Mulder’s desk.” I can’t remember the spelling, though.) This is the name used in “Aubrey,” when Mulder again consults Danny. Are there two Dannys, or is it just another pesky continuity error? Whatever, Danny has provided some key information: telling Mulder what Kevin’s drawings meant in “Conduit”; giving Mulder an address based on a phone number in “The Erlenmeyer Flask” and “Wetwired”; giving Mulder Richard Odin’s history in “Red Museum”; looking up the adoption records in “Aubrey”; looks for missing people records in “Our Town”; runs fingerprints in “Leonard Betts” and looks up info in “Christmas Carol/Emily.”

Diamond, Doctor Roger: Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland. Consulted by his old pupil, Dana Scully, to refute Mulder’s Beastman claims (“Jersey Devil”) Ends up being rather useful, and rather open-minded.

Gardner, Dr. Abel: Doc from “End Game”; chief medical officer for the US Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Henderson, Special Agent: Female handwriting expert in “Young at Heart.” Seems rather taken with Mulder.

Holly: In “Pusher” she works in computer records – though she was also seen finding a magazine for Mulder and Scully. However, just as I was fondly imagining her to be the X-Files librarian, there she is in “Redux” doing telephone stuff. Is this a demotion after attacking Skinner in “Pusher”? Anyway, she is dark-haired and rather shy looking, though can certainly stand up for herself when faced with the man she is told is her attacker….

Kosseff, Karen: FBI Counsellor consulted by Scully in “Irresitible.” She is also called in as a social worker to help with the troubled Holvey family in “The Calusari.” In “Elegy,” she is once again the counselor Scully consults, when Scully reveals that her greatest fear is letting down Mulder.

[Kwok, Berlina Lu: In the novel “Ground Zero,” Berlina Lu Kwok is the director of the Biological Analysis Unit, where specimins have their first cursorary examination before being sent elsewhere. She’s easily angered, particularly when local law enforcement don’t use the proper procedures for sending in samples.]

Pendrell: (Though some would dispute the fact that he is a minor character.) Red-haired and helpful lab technician who is rather smitten by Scully. He is first consulted over the computer chip found in Scully’s neck, but seems to be able to anaylse virtually anything. [In the computer game, he works at the “Sci Crime Lab” and is the one who analyses the blood sample found at the crime scene.]

His attraction to Scully is clear enough for Mulder to tease him about it. In “Teliko,” they have the following conversation: Pendrell : “Shouldn’t we wait for Agent Scully? Just so I don’t have to repeat myself.” Mulder:”She’s not coming.” Pendrell: “Why not?!” Mulder: “She had a date.” Pendrell: (sighs and looks dejected) Mulder: “Breathe, Agent Pendrell, it’s with a dead man. She’s doing an autopsy.”

He dies after being shot in a bar while drunkenly trying to buy Scully a birthday drink. (In “Tempus Fugit”)

Plith, Dr.: Forensic anthropologist from “Tooms”; examines body found in cement.

Rice: The agent seen given orders to the SWAT team in both Pusher and Folie a Deux

Pomernatz, Dr. Mark: Psychiatrist from “The Blessing Way.” Helps Scully remember events surrounding her abduction.

Slaughter, Dr. Ruth: Navy pathologist from “Ascension.” Does autopsy on Duane Barry.

Werber, Dr. Heitz: Doc who conducted hypnotic regression therapy on Mulder in 1989 that revealed Mulder’s regressed memories of Samantha’s abduction. Also hypnotises the boy at the end of the pilot episode, and appears in “Patient X” and “The Red and the Black.” In the latter two-parter, he is helping Cassandra Spender regain her memories, and contacts Mulder, asking him to talk to her (showing they are still in contact.) He is the hypnotist Mulder takes Scully to, to regain her memories of what happened to her at the dam. While Dr Pomenantz failed to recover much from her at all, Weber is remarkably successful.

Superiors and other FBI People
Section Chief Scott Blevins: Assigned Scully to work with Mulder. Appears in several early episodes as Mulder and Scully’s superior, though in “Conduit” he makes clear that there are several other people in the chain of command between Mulder and him. He does finally reappear in “Gethsemene,” and in “Redux II” it is revealed that he was the man within the FBI who was receiving the reports from the man who was spying on Mulder. Perhaps because his cover was blown, Blevins is assassinated by a gunman who makes his death appear like suicide.

Joseph McGrath: Head of the Office of Professional Responsibility, seen in “Fallen Angel.” In this position, he heads the committe that tries to get Mulder thrown out of the FBI. When Deep Throat overturns the decision, he is furious. He says this was “our” best chance of getting Mulder out of the FBI. Does this suggest he is one of “them”? Or does “we” just mean the FBI, which is always embarassed by Mulder’s flouting of the rules.

Brem: FBI agent in charge of the SWAT team in “Duane Barry.”

Bruskin, Phil: FBI agent in “Lazarus”

Burst, Frank: FBI agent who arrests Modell in “Pusher.” Burst ends up dying from a heart attack while talking to Modell on the phone.

Caleca, Linda: Rookie FBI agent, one of two agents who guarded Skinner after he was shot in “Apocrypha”

(Keleka’s note: Personally, I think the name is spelled “Keleka,” which is Hawaiian for “Teresa.” It certainly sounds like it to me. However, the transcript page spells it this way, so I’ll leave it alone.) Collins: FBI agent who sets himself on fire at the mental pushing of Modell in “Pusher.”

Senator Richard Matheson: Not an FBI person, but a superior, so here’s where he goes. He is Mulder’s friend in high places, whose frienship is cited in “Pilot” and “Tooms” as ensuring that Mulder’s position in the X-Files was safe, despite opposition. In “Little Green Men” he helps Mulder by showing him the transmission from Aricebo. Mulder, apologising for failing, seems to act like a little boy who’s ashamed to have let his father down. By the time of “Ascension,” however, the senator can’t help Mulder. As X says, “They have something one everyone.” He helps Mulder again in “Nisei,” but won’t return Scully’s own desperate phone calls when Mulder gets into danger in “731”.

However, in the sixth season’s SR 819, Matheson appears much less helpful. He is deeply involved in the senate bill that covers exporting nanotechnology to third world countries – billed as “medical supplies,” but actually something much more sinister. He tells Mulder that his aim is to save lives, though he says he can’t save Skinner’s life, infected deliberately while investigating the bill. While Matheson takes phone calls from Krycek, he does seem pretty shocked when Krycek kills a man.

So, what’s he up to? Has he gone bad – or always been bad? (After all, how did he ever know as much as he did. In “The X-Files,” people only know that much if they are somehow involved, even though they are helping Mulder with snippets of information when it suits them, and for their own ends.) Is he being blackmailed? Has he decided that a few deaths are unfortunate necessities in the general cause, as represented by the bill, which he seems to believe will save lives? It doesn’t really seem clear. Here’s hoping that future episodes give some help.

Spiller, Nancy: Nicknamed the “Iron Maiden.” Scully studied under her as a forensics student at the Academy. Heads the “Ghost in the Machine” case.

Assistant Director Kersh

Kersh is the new boss that Mulder and Scully are assigned to at the start of season six. His first speaking appearance comes in “Drive.” (Note that Skinner hasn’t gone. Mulder and Scully have moved into another division on the FBI. There are, in real life, 9 Assistant Directors, so Mulder and Scully have just moved from Skinner’s area of authority into Kersh’s.) (Keleka’s note: Actually, in 2000 there were eight Assistant Directors: Criminal Justice Information Services, Training, Personnel, Information Resources, National Security, Criminal Investigative, Laboratory, and Finance. The XF office, if it existed, would logically be in the CID, making Skinner one of the most powerful men in D.C. Kersh must have been AD for National Security. Nothing else would make sense. I’ll be adding more about the FBI’s organization in the law enforcement section once we get the XF-specific pages updated.)

Whether he is bad or not is hotly debated. He certainly makes no allowances for Mulder and Scully – and why should he? He insists on scrupulous paperwork, and bills them for expenses incurred on unauthorised work. When Mulder complains, he says that he could always quit. He also refuses to accept Scully’s “he’s been through a lot” excuse, saying “And you apologize for him a lot. I’ve noticed that about you.” He goes on to say that he does not care that Mulder and Scully saved lives; what he cares is that they no longer investigate X-Files, and the sooner the two of them realize that and act accordingly, the better. (Keleka’s note: Anybody whose voice can make my skin crawl, has to be bad!)

Of course, the Consortium would like it if Kersh successfully forced Mulder and Scully to quit, but this doesn’t mean that he’s doing their work. He might just be doing his job. He’s FBI. Mulder and Scully have flaunted a whole host of FBI regulations. Rebuking then for it is proper procedure. Yes, CSM is in his office in “Triangle” (if those scenes aren’t a dream as well. See the Triangle summary for a debate on this.) However, CSM used to hang out in Skinner’s office long after Skinner was on Mulder and Scully’s side. CSM seems to have certain influence within the FBI, giving him legitimate (?) reasons to do this. Yes, Kersh apparently handed over the paper that Scully had, but CSM was in the room at the time he may have had no choice. Maybe…

So, the jury’s still out on him…

Kersh also has a secretary: While we don’t yet know her name, she has quite a definite character. Pretty, with blonde hair about the same length as Scully’s, she is obviously after Mulder. When Mulder’s body is inhabited by Morris, the MIB, it takes only a few words from him to (apparently) invite her round to his apartment and into his bed. She seems to quite enjoy discomforting Scully, when she discovers the liaison. It is only to be assumed that Mulder, when back in his body, will have some serious explaining to do, when she finds he can’t even remember their encounter. Anyway, now that Mulder and Scully are back on the X-Files, at the end of “One Son,” presumably Kersh is no longer their boss, and we’ll see no more of him.


Arens, Sheriff Tom: Sheriff from “Our Town.”

Auerbach, Dr. Simon: Doctor from Pinck Pharmaceuticals in “F. Emasculata.”

Bailey, Dr. William: U.S. Forestry Service member who fights with Dr. Paul Farraday about the endangered frog species in “Quagmire.”

Banton, Dr. Chester Ray: Scientist who created a compact particle accellerator at Polarity Magnetics. During an experiment, he accidently got in the way of the machine and received a massive dose of particles. The dose didn’t kill him, but it burned his shadow into the wall, and subsequently, the shadow became an individual entity from him that could kill by absorbing his victims’ mass and energy. “Soft Light”

Baron, Det. Bradley: Senior detective on the Richmond Police force in Virginia, in “Soft Light.”

Barrington, Dr. Lawrence: Doctor at Avalon Foundation, the cryogencis facility in “Roland.”

Bear: Pilot who took Mulder & Scully up to the Icy Cape. He becomes infected with the worm microorganism and dies.

Belt, Lt. Col. Marcus Aurelius: Former astronaut who eventually heads up the space shuttle program, in “Space.”

Bennett, Dr. M.: Head of the Luther Stapes Center for Reproductive Medicine, in “Eve.”

Berube, Dr. Terrence Allen: Worked on Human Genome Project, injecting humans with alien DNA, in “The Erlenmeyer Flask.”

Bledsoe, Dr. Ellen: County medical examiner in “Shadows.”

Bocks, Moe: Special agent in Minneapolis who asks for Mulder’s help in a grave desecration case in “Irrisistible.”

Boulle, Peter: Park ranger from “The Jersey Devil.” He found the body and admits to seeing the Devil.

Braun, Dr. Sheila: Developmental psychologist from “Born Again.”

Bray, Ansel: Photographer from “Quagmire” who ends up being Big Blue’s lunch.

Briggs, Frank: Detective who hunted Eugene Tooms after Tooms committed murders in 1963.

Brodeur, Leo: Warden at Eastpoint State Penitentiary in “The List.”

Chambliss, Det.: Detective investigating murders in “3”.

Chaney, Sam: FBI agent from “Aubrey” – disappeared in 1942 and his body was found in a shallow grave in 1995.

Chao, Glen: Detective with San Francisco Police Department who helps Mulder and Scully in “Hell Money.”

Chapel, Ambrose: CIA agent in “Colony”

Charyn, Dr. Penelope: Doctor at the Grisson Sleep Disorder Center in Stamford, Connecticut. “Sleepless.”

Cline, Det.: One of the detectives from “Clyde Bruckman’s Last Repose”; called in The Stupendous Yappi for psychic consult.

Cross, Det. Alan: Detective on Cleveland Police Department who investigates murder of Lauren Mackalvey in “2Shy.”

Daly, Dr.: ICU doctor at Northeast Georgetown Medical Center in D.C.; Scully was under his care in “One Breath.”

Daniels, Sheriff Maurice: Sheriff in “Miracle Man.”

Darnell, Det. Joe: Detective in “Aubrey.”

Dixon, Sgt. Al: Police sargeant from “Colony.”

Dole, Lisa: Handwriting analysis expert at the Seattle FBI office.

Frass, Sheriff: Sheriff from “War of the Coprophages.”

Godfrey, Dr. Richard: Town pediatrician from “Syzygy.”

Hakkie, Dr. Del: Doctor whom Duane Barry takes hostage in the travel agency in “Duane Barry.”

Hamilton, Sheriff: Sheriff from “Humbug.”

Hindt, Sheriff Lance: Sheriff from “Quagmire.”

Hughes, Dr. Alicia: Name assumed by Eve Eight in “Eve.”

Ivanov, Dr. Alexander: Researcher who designs robots that look like insects, from “WOTC”.

Laberge, Dr.: Doctor caring for Mulder’s mom in “Talitha Cumi.”

Manners, Det.: The bleeping detective helping Mulder & Scully in “Jose Chung.”

Matheson, Sen. Richard: One of Mulder’s ‘friends in high places’.

Monte, Dr. Aaron: Doctor from “Tooms”; he’s in charge of Eugene Tooms’ case and supervises him after he’s released. Tooms ends up killing him and eating his liver.

NICAP: National Investigative Committee of Aerial Phenomena. UFO fringe group.

Oakes, Sheriff John: Sheriff from “Die Hand Die Verletzt.”

Oppenhein, Dr. Jeffrey: Doc on duty in the ER in “Fallen Angel.” Ends up telling Mulder & Scully about the minilary wanting to cover up the fact that one of their men was admitted there with severe radiation burns.

Osborne, Dr.: One of the docs from Pinck Pharmaceuticals in “F. Emasculata.”

Randolph, Dr. Vance: Staff doc at Choco Chicken plant from “Our Town.”

Ryan, Det. Kelly: Former student of Scully on the Virginia police force,from “Soft Light.”

Schnablegger, Dr. Glenna: Pathologist from “Jersey Devil.”