Mr. X

Mr. X – Steven Williams

First appearance: “The Host”
Last appearance: “The Truth”

Edgy, nervous, elusive…clad in a raincoat and a six o’ clock shadow, Deep Throat’s successor is by no means a reliable narrator…but he’s all that Mulder’s got.

Hanging about in the shadows, X is a man of few words-and those he utters-nay, spits out-are often cryptic at best. Engaged in an occasional cat-and-mouse with the FBI’s most spooky agent, at times he is an avenging angel who emerges from the gloom in order to save Mulder’s neck (gunning down his assailant in the hospital garage in “One Breath”); at other times he avoids involvement like cracks in the sidewalk (shunning Scully’s request for help in finding Mulder in “End Game”)-passionately devoted to saving his own neck. And perhaps his paranoia is well justified (as someone once said, even paranoids have enemies).

As we learn in the third season, X serves many masters-and one of them is Cigarette-Smoking man-which bodes not at all well for Mr. X.

Name: No idea.

Appearance: A large black man. Like all these conspiracy types, he always wears a suit. He seems much more dangerous than Deep Throat.

Background: Not known. Probably military, judging by the fact that alot of his information is about the military.

He seems to be at a lower level of the conspiracy than Deep Throat. While DT and Cancerman were equals, X seems to be a subordinate.

Relationship with Deep Throat: He calls Deep Throat his “predecessor” and seems to be acting partly out of loyalty to him. However, he says that he has no intention of going the same way as Deep Throat and dying for Mulder.

How Mulder contacts him: An X in the window – though how X sees it, we don’t know. (At the DC Expo, Stephen Williams says that X must live in a planter outside Mulder’s apartment!) X usually comes to his apartment. In “Fresh Bones” X sent Mulder a cryptic message on a playing card, telling him where to meet.