9×01 Nothing Important Happened Today

Carl Wormus drinks alone at a bar in Baltimore, MD. He notices a dark-haired woman in a low-cut dress walk in, and he approaches her. They get into a discussion about the ice in his drink. As a water expert, he knows that the government-added Chloramine in the water is actually not as healthy as has been reported. Intrigued, the woman entices him into leaving, and they drive off in his convertible. He slows down at an opening drawbridge, but the woman clamps down on his right leg, forcing his foot on the accelerator. The car flies off the open bridge and plunges into the Potomac River. Deep underwater, Wormus wiggles out of his seatbelt and begins to swim to the surface. The woman is lifeless next to him. Suddenly, the woman opens her eyes, grabs his ankle and pulls him deeper under the water.

Two days later, Scully calms the crying William. She looks uneasily at Mulder’s packed bags in her apartment, and shuts the bathroom door so that he does not hear the baby. Doggett, meanwhile, prepares for work as the television news reports the death of Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Administrator Carl Wormus. The man was found dead and alone in his car under the water. At the FBI, Doggett shares an elevator with Kersh. The Deputy Director smugly asks if he has found any incriminating evidence against him.

A ringing phone awakens Reyes in her Washington hotel. FBI Assistant Director Brad Follmer greets her warmly and asks her to stop by his office. When she arrives, he plants a firm kiss on her mouth. Reyes pulls away. Although they have not seen each other in years, they had previously been involved in a romantic relationship while working at the Bureau’s New York office. He gives her videotape from the security camera in the Hoover Building garage. Although the date stamp is the same night Scully gave birth, the garage is empty. Doggett and Skinner are not seen defending their lives against Knowle Rohrer, nor is Rohrer’s exploding car in the garage. Reyes tells Doggett that no scrap of evidence even remains at the crime scene, which means that they no longer have a case. Doggett goes to seek the advice of Mulder, but his apartment has been cleaned out. Scully tells him that Mulder is gone. Back at the FBI, Skinner and Reyes find no traces of Mulder, and Doggett suspects that perhaps someone got to him. With no credible evidence, Skinner asks Doggett to drop the case against Kersh and the FBI. Doggett accuses the A.D. of backing down under pressure, but Skinner only fears for the safety of Mulder, Scully and their baby. Doggett and Reyes must continue their investigation alone, without Skinner’s help.

At the Greater Maryland Water Reclamation Facility, worker Roland McFarland places a call to a naval ship after reading about Wormus’ death. The dark-haired woman from the bar inexplicably swims up in one of the tanks. Before McFarland can speak into the phone, he notices the woman walk through the plant naked and he follows her tracks. She surprises him from behind, pulls him into a tank and drowns him.

Reyes meets with A.D. Follmer at the bar in Maryland. She informs him that Doggett’s investigation has been dropped. Showing feelings for her, Follmer is interested in keeping Reyes assigned to the X-files in Washington. Doggett, meanwhile, tries to appeal to Scully. He is unsure why she won’t trust him, but she does not reveal anything about Mulder. Doggett returns to his apartment and tries to contact some of his old Marine buddies that were in his squadron with Rohrer. No one has information on Rohrer’s activities after the military. One of them, Shannon McMahon, is the mysterious dark-haired woman. Reyes sees McMahon in the FBI hallway. She senses something, but ignores her intuition. In the X-files office, Reyes hears someone creeping outside the door. The person disappears into the elevator, but leaves behind a folder with Wormus’ obituary inside.

Scully puts William down for a nap, and the mobile over his bassinet eerily moves on its own. Scared, she phones Doggett and asks him not to drop his investigation. He and Reyes summon her to Quantico to perform an autopsy on Wormus’ body. Scully finds fingerprints on Wormus’ ankle, as if someone had been holding him down. Doggett has the Lone Gunmen hack into Wormus’ files, but all they recover are reports on water. Follmer briefs Kersh on Doggett’s investigation, and he asks the Deputy Director for swift punishment. Kersh, however, puts the burden on Follmer to reprimand Doggett.

While Mrs. Scully watches William, Shannon McMahon comes looking for Scully. Mrs. Scully refrains from opening the door, and McMahon vanishes without leaving her name. As Scully and Reyes leave the morgue at Quantico late that night, they see McMahon. Reyes is suspicious, but McMahon disappears. The two agents are surprised by the arrival of Follmer, who swarms the Quantico morgue with a team of agents. He tells Reyes that he is trying to uphold her reputation in the face of Doggett’s career-ending investigation. However, when they enter the autopsy bay, Wormus’ body is gone. Reyes pretends that there never was a body, and she accuses Follmer of sending her the obituary to throw them on a wild goose chase. Reyes goes to Doggett’s apartment, and the Lone Gunmen show her Wormus’ encrypted emails from Roland McFarland.

That same night, Doggett and Skinner go to the Maryland water plant and rifle through McFarland’s desk. They find a number of files labeled “Chloramine.” Follmer and his crew approach, so Doggett grabs the files, and he and Skinner run out. Follmer chases them, catching Skinner. Doggett hides underwater in one of the tanks, holding his breath. Suddenly, McMahon swims up from below and grabs Doggett’s ankle. She pulls him farther down into the tank.


Original Air Date: 11/11/01

Written by Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Kim Manners

GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully
ROBERT PATRICK as Special Agent John Doggett
ANNABETH GISH as Special Agent Monica Reyes
MITCH PILEGGI as A.D. Walter Skinner

Also Starring:
Cary Elwes as A.D. Brad Follmer
James Pickens, Jr. as Deputy Director Kersh
Lucy Lawless as Shannon McMahon
Nicholas Walker as Carl Wormus
Sheila Larken as Mrs. Scully
Bruce Harwood as Byers
Tom Braidwood as Frohike
Dean Haglund as Langly
John Casino as Roland McFarland
Jane Yamamoto as News Anchor
Travis Riker as Baby William
James Riker as Baby William
Ashley Knutson as Baby William
Rikki Held as Baby William
Rowdy Held as Baby William