Relaunch 2019

We’re fine, we’re fine; we crashed but we’re fine!

Welcome to the new Version of All thingx!

What happened, why had the site been down for a few months?

Uhm, … there might or might not have been a minor PHP incompatibility error. The thing is, back then – like 10+ years ago – I wrote the website all by myself, in PHP. The version of PHP I used got outdated a few months ago. I knew this, but I could not help it, I simply had no time to prevent the site from malfunctioning, when the old PHP version got removed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But now the site is back online. Yay!

And it’s not only back online, but also updated (which has not happened since a while). I took the chance to add and remove some things.

What’s new:


Season 10 Summaries
Season 11 Summaries
Season 10 & 11 Transcripts
Season 10 & 11 Music Info
Complete Episode List
New Game Info: The X-Files: Deep State


FanFiction Archive
Updates Archive (2000-2018) (read more here)
Image Archive (1733 files)
Actress and actor information (8 files)