6×09 S.R. 819

A man near death is rushed into the emergency room. One of the doctors tells the nurse to call Agent Scully because the sick man works for the FBI. It is Assistant Director Skinner.

Flashback twenty-four hours. Agent Mulder finds A.D. Skinner in his office, not feeling well. He calls in Scully who posits that Skinner may have been poisoned. When asked to recall if anything out of the ordinary happened in his day, Skinner remembers that a renowned physicist named Kenneth Orgel stopped him in the hallway earlier. Mulder and Skinner pay a visit to Orgel, only to find him in the process of being kidnapped. The kidnappers get away with Orgel; Mulder captures one of the fleeing bad guys, but must release him when he discovers that the man is a Tunisian with diplomatic immunity.

Scully, in the meantime, examines a vial of Skinner’s blood. Upon close levels of magnification, she finds miniscule foreign bodies that seem to multiply uniformly and rapidly. These specks are forming dams in Skinner’s veins, cutting off his blood flow.

Mulder goes through Orgel’s house and finds a connection to Senator Matheson. Paying the Senator a visit, he finds out about Senate Resolution 819 – a health bill which will supply medical technology for third world countries. Ripping apart Skinner’s office, Mulder finds that Skinner was doing a security check on the resolution and that, somehow, his connection to the resolution is what got him poisoned. He confronts Senator Matheson again and finds out that nanotechnology – microscopic atom-sized machines that had been previously thought of as only theoretical — have been injected into Skinner and someone is programming them to kill him.

Meanwhile, Skinner lies on a hospital bed and his pulse flatlines. The orderly calls time of death. Moments later, Skinner gasps and comes back to life. Weeks later, Scully reports that whatever infected Skinner has gone into remission. Mulder asks for permission to continue the investigation but Skinner closes the case.

At day’s end, Skinner heads for his car. In the backseat, he finds Krycek, who had been driving the nanotechnology atoms. Krycek glares at Skinner – he’s got Skinner under his thumb and intends to keep him there.

THE X-FILES “S.R. 819” #6X09
Original Air Date: 01/17/99

DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder
GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully
MITCH PILEGGI as Assistant Director Skinner.

Kenneth Tigar as Dr. Plant
Jenny Gago as Dr. Katrina Cabrera
John Towey as Kenneth Orgel
Raymond J. Barry as Senator Matheson
Arlene Pileggi as Skinner’s secretary

John Shiban

Daniel Sackheim