6×11 Two Fathers

Inside a stockyard in Arlington, Virginia, a surgeon escorts Dr. Openshaw inside a train car containing a surgical bay. Openshaw approaches an operating table, on which lies a patient, her face unseen. The surgeon congratulates Openshaw on his work, some 25 years in the making, which is now a success. The surgeon exits the train car, only to be lit afire by a Faceless Man. The rest of the surgical team, waiting in a nearby van, are also incinerated. A Faceless Man enters the surgical bay and thrusts his weapon at Openshaw, burning him. The creature then looks upon the operating table where an unconscious Cassandra Spender lies.

In an undisclosed location, the Cigarette-Smoking Man tells a hidden listener about Cassandra and the conspiracy.

Skinner escorts Agent Spender to the stockyard. He explains that a group of people were burned alive, and that only his mother, and a critically injured man, survived. Spender sees his mother in a nearby paramedics vehicle and goes to her side. Cassandra asks to speak with Mulder. Moments later, Spender tells Skinner that he objects to the idea of Mulder’s involvement in the case. Spender changes his mind, and reluctantly informs Mulder of his mother’s request to speak with him. Mulder tells Spender to find the truth himself.

Meanwhile, the Cigarette Smoking Man approaches Openshaw, who miraculously survived the fire and has been confined to a plastic tent inside a hospital. Openshaw tells him that Cassandra is a success, and must be terminated before the alien colonists find out that a human/alien hybrid exists. Shortly thereafter, the Cigarette Smoking Man kills Openshaw.

The Cigarette Smoking Man telephones Elder #1 to inform him about an emergency meeting of the Syndicate. Elder #1 promises he will make the meeting. He makes his way to the front door only to find Openshaw standing on the other side. Elder #1 grabs at the impostor’s face, exposing a faceless rebel beneath. A struggle ensues, and the Elder is killed.

Scully and Mulder decide to meet with Cassandra without informing Spender of their action. Miraculously, Cassandra pushes back the covers and lets her legs fall to the floor. Scully looks on, incredulous, as the previously wheelchair-bound Cassandra walks without assistance. Cassandra tells the agents that surgeons worked in conjunction with the aliens to cure her. She now believes that the aliens are plotting to take over the universe by infecting all life forms with a black virus. The surgeons were burned by another race of alien rebels who mutilated their faces so they wouldn’t be infected. Cassandra now believes that her son’s life is in danger, as he is in collusion with men who have worked with the aliens.

The Syndicate members, including Krycek and the Cigarette Smoking Man, gather for the meeting. Elder #1 suggests an alliance with the alien rebels, something completely at odds with everything the group has strived for. After the meeting, Krycek informs the Cigarette Smoking Man that Mulder paid Cassandra a secret visit.

Scully and Mulder sneak into Mulder’s old office, where they access computer files on Cassandra Spender, her son, and the Cigarette Smoking Man, who is identified by the name “C.G.B. Spender.” The computer has no additional information on the mysterious man. Moments later, Skinner warns the agents that they are about to get caught. Before Mulder and Scully have a chance to escape, they are confronted by Spender. Later, Spender informs his father that Mulder and Scully will be processed out of the FBI. He then asks for the truth about his mother. The Cigarette Smoking Man tells him that Cassandra has been involved in a very important experiment. He does not elaborate further, as Spender must prove himself capable of the responsibility that comes with such knowledge. Meanwhile, Scully performs some research. She learns that Cassandra Spender was first abducted on the night of November 27th, 1973 — the same night Mulder’s sister was abducted.

The Cigarette Smoking Man tells Spender about Elder #1’s death. He instructs Spender to kill the imposter using a gimlet weapon. Krycek drives Spender to Elder #1’s home. Unfortunately, Spender cannot muster the nerve to carry out his assignment. The Elder #1 imposter sees the gimlet in Spender’s hand and attacks him. Krycek comes to Spender’s rescue, driving the gimlet into the imposter’s neck. Afterward, a Iago-like Krycek informs Spender that his father directed the experiments forced on Cassandra. Spender realizes he is being asked to protect his mother so the experiments can continue.

As the CSM finishes his story, he states that he thinks the listener is the only one he can trust. Diana Fowley stands up and reassures the CSM as she exits.

Clad in stolen clothing, Cassandra flees to Mulder’s apartment. With time running out, she begs the agents to kill her, because if she lives, there will be no stopping what is about to happen. Mulder draws his gun and aims at Cassandra.

To Be Continued.

THE X-FILES “Two Fathers” #6X11
Original Air Date: 02/07/99

DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder
GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully

Veronica Cartwright as Cassandra Spender
Chris Owens as Agent Spender
William B. Davis as Cigarette Smoking Man
Mimi Rogers as Diana Fowley
Nicholas Lea as Agent Krycek
George Murdock as Elder #1
Don S. Williams as Elder #2
Nick Tate as Dr. Openshaw
Peter Donat as Bill Mulder
Rebecca Toolan as Teena Mulder

Jeffrey Bell, Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz

Kim Manners