3×08 Oubliette

The agents arrive at the home of Amy Jacobs, a fifteen-year-old girl abducted from her bedroom by a stranger. Agent Eubanks points out several drops of blood found on the carpet, the result of Amy’s nosebleed. Mulder is intrigued by a report about a woman employed at a fast food restaurant who uttered the same words spoken by the stranger at the exact moment the kidnapping occurred. That woman, Lucy Householder, had been rushed to the hospital after suffering a seizure and a nosebleed. Records indicate that Lucy was kidnapped, at the age of eight, while her parents slept. She was held hostage in a basement for five years, and although she eventually was released unharmed, her abductor was never caught.

When Mulder and Scully confront Lucy about the incident at the restaurant, she becomes uncooperative, insisting she cannot help locate the missing girl. Eubanks uncovers evidence of Lucy’s criminal record, including prostitution and narcotics convictions.

Lucy’s psychic visions into Amy’s mind continue to terrify her. She experiences temporary blindness, which is the result of Amy’s being locked away in a darkened basement room, or oubliette. Mulder again asks Lucy for her help, but she insists she cannot locate Amy.

Scully uncovers evidence that every student from Amy Jacob’s class received their school photograph — except for Amy. A photographer from Larkin Scholastic fired his assistant, Carl Wade, the day after the shoot. Mulder shows Lucy a current photograph of Wade, and her face registers recognition. Wade is the same man who kidnapped Lucy years earlier. Meanwhile, Amy successfully digs a hole through the oubliette, and escapes. Wade gives chase, and at the same time, Mulder chases Lucy who flees the half-way house where she lives. As Amy loses her footing and tumbles down a rocky bank, landing on her arm, Lucy falls and injures her arm. Lucy looks to Mulder, wondering what is happening to her.

Meanwhile, Eubanks arrives at the half-way house with DNA lab results confirming that the blood found on Lucy’s clothing matches Amy’s. Mulder insists it would be impossible for Lucy to have any connection with the crime.

A tow truck driver comes forward and identifies Wade as a stranded motorist he encountered on a rural road. The tip leads agents to the town where Lucy was found seventeen years earlier. Working from an address registered at a local photography store, the agents pinpoint the remote cabin where Wades resides. But when they storm the cabin, the agents find Lucy huddled in the oubliette.

Lucy’s words indicate Amy and Wade are in water. Mulder realizes this can only mean a nearby river. Wade, realizing his time with Amy has grown short, pushes her beneath the water. As Amy drowns, Lucy, detained by F.B.I. agents in the back seat of a car, begins to suffocate. Agents call for paramedics.

Mulder and Scully locate Amy’s lifeless body on the riverbank and begin CPR. Their efforts prove futile. But suddenly, Amy begins coughing, water pouring from her mouth. Simultaneously, Lucy continues choking. Though Amy is successfully revived, Lucy dies. An autopsy later reveals that five liters of water were in Lucy’s lungs. Mulder and Scully speculate that Lucy died for Amy. Perhaps it was the only way she could outrun her past. THE X-FILES “OUBLIETTE” #3X08 Original Air Date: 11/17/95


Starring: DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully

Also Starring: MICHAEL CHIEFFO as John Wade JEWEL STAITE as Amy TRACEY ELLIS as Lucy Householder KEN RYAN as Eubanks SIDONIE BOLL as Mrs. Jacobs DAVID FREDERICKS as the Photographer ALEXA MARDON as Sadie DOLLIE SCARR as Supervisor DEAN WRAY as Tow Truck Driver JAQUES LaLONDE as Henry