11×03 Plus One

In a small rural community event in Virginia, Arkie Seavers appears to see himself in the back of the crowd. Frightened, he drives away from the event, only to have his doppelgänger grab the wheel and drive him into a tree.

Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) ties the Seavers case to a number of people who have tried to kill themselves after claiming they saw someone who looked exactly like them. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) thinks Arkie is lying, but Mulder is more inclined to believe. The agents meet with a barely-alive Seavers and discuss his experiences. The agents meet a patient at a psychiatric hospital named Judy Poundstone (Karin Konoval), who has dissociative identity disorder. Her room is filled with games of hangman, which she claims she plays with her brother, Chucky, who lives across town.

After being placed into a cell, Arkie’s doppelgänger appears in the cell with him, presumably killing him. Mulder and Scully check into a motel to sleep for the night. He comes to her in the middle of the night to reveal Arkie’s death. Scully argues that it is a suicide, while Mulder and Seavers’ attorney, Dean Cavalier, don’t believe so. Mulder finds the irascible Chucky (also Konoval), living by himself, with his walls also covered with hangman games. Meanwhile, Scully meets with “Demon Judy”, an evil alter ego, who seems to be flinging chocolate pudding at the cell door. A nurse tells Scully that both of the Poundstone parents hung themselves. Scully tries to get more information out of Judy, but is tormented by this new nemesis.

Chucky and Judy begin playing the game again, this time targeting Cavalier. First, Dean sees his double and goes to tell Scully and Mulder. The agents tell him to stay calm and hide away all weapons of harm. Dean ventures to his home and tosses multiple equipment onto the floor. He realizes that the room is filled with swords. Dean accidentally cuts himself with one of the blades. Before he can aid his wound, he sees his double again. The agents arrive to find Cavalier with his head cut off.

Back at the motel, Mulder sees his double in the bathroom and freaks out. Mulder races to confront Chucky as Scully goes to stop Judy. On her way to the hospital, Scully sees her double in the backseat of her car, but stays calm, calling the figure a “manifest psychic ideation.” It turns out that the twins are fighting each other, not being able to agree on which agent to hang. Before the agents can interrupt their game, the siblings both “hang” each other. On Chucky’s wall, Mulder finds two hangman games for “Mom” and “Dad.”

“Plus One”
The X-Files episode
Episode no. Season 11
Episode 3
Directed by Kevin Hooks
Written by Chris Carter
Production code 2AYW03
Original air date January 17, 2018
Running time 43 minutes
Guest appearance(s)
Karin Konoval as Little Judy Poundstone and Little Chucky Poundstone