3×05 The List

Napoleon “Neech” Manley, a well-liked prison inmate on death row, is strapped into an electric chair and killed. Several days later a prison guard is found dead in the very cell Neech had occupied for eleven years. Mulder tells Scully that Neech believed heavily in reincarnation, and swore he would return from the grave to take vengeance on five men who mistreated him.

The agents travel to the prison, where they examine the guard’s corpse and the cell where the body was discovered. The Warden suspects that Neech’s inmate friends are responsible for the murder. Mulder interviews Neech’s friend, Speranza, who firmly believes Neech’s spirit killed the guard. Later, a prison guard named Parmelly pulls Scully into the shower area and tells her about the existence of a list which names the five men Neech’s spirit intends to kill. Parmelly claims an inmate named Roque possesses the list.

Soon after, an inmate opens a paint can and discovers the head of prison guard Fornier inside. Mulder interviews Roque, who offers to recite the names of the men on the list in exchange for a transfer. The Warden balks at the idea of negotiating with prisoners. Suspecting that he might be on the list, the Warden interrogates Roque in the shower area, and beats him up. When Roque’s body is later discovered, Mulder suspects he may not be the third victim from Neech’s list. His suspicion is confirmed by Speranza. Mulder and Scully travel to the home of the man who engaged the power on the electric chair that killed Neech. They find his maggot-infested body in the attic.

Scully reviews phone records indicating a man named Danny Charez spoke with Neech on many occasions. Charez, who was once Neech’s defense attorney, tells the agents he is now helping Speranza-hoping he has some sway with Neech’s spirit. Later, Charez is attacked and killed.

Working on a tip from Charez, the agents learn that Parmelly and Neech’s wife, Danielle, are lovers. One night, Danielle realizes Neech has inhabited Parmelly’s body. As the agents surround the Manley home, Danielle pulls out a gun and shoots Parmelly. Later, Neech’s spirit materializes in the Warden’s car. He claims his last victim by killing the Warden.

Original Air Date: 10/20/95

Written and Directed by Chris Carter

DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder
GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully

Also Starring:
J.T. WALSH as Warden Brodeur
DENNY ARNOLD as the Key Guard
BRUCE PINARD as the Executioner
JOHN TOLES-BEY as John Speranza
BADJA DJOLA as “Neech” Manley
APRIL GRACE as Danielle Manley
GREG ROGERS as Daniel Charez
KEN FOREE as Parmelly
MICHAEL ANDALUZ as the Tattooed Prisoner
PAUL RASKIN as Ullrich