1×07 Ghost in the Machine

Mulder and Scully are approached by Special Agent Jerry Lamana, who is on probation for mishandling an important case. Lamana explains that he has been assigned to investigate the murder of Benjamin Drake, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company called Eurisko. Drake was electrocuted when he fell victim to an elaborate boobytrap devised by someone with intimate knowledge of the Central Operating System (COS) at Eurisko’s high rise headquarters. Afraid of mishandling yet another important case, Lamana successfully lobbies Mulder and Scully’s expertise.

The agents are told by Peterson, the Eurisko building’s system engineer, that one of the few people who has access to the building’s sophisticated control center is Brad Wilczek, the 30-year-old founder of the company and Drake’s arch enemy. Using a voice analyzer, Scully determines that Wilczek disguised his own voice electronically and telephoned Drake moments before his death… playing a key role in the boobytrap.

Lamana drives to the Eurisko building to make the arrest. The elevator Lamana rides in reaches the 29th floor and suddenly drops at fantastic speed, crashing into the ground. Mulder learns from Deep Throat that Wilczek had been hard at work on developing a computer possessing Artificial Intelligence – a thinking machine. Though Wilczek is arrested for the deaths of Drake and Lamana, and even signs a confession, Mulder believes him innocent. From his jail cell, Wilczek admits to Mulder that COS is an intelligent machine. He explains that when Drake made overtures to shut the system down, COS eliminated him in self-defense.

Mulder convinces Wilczek to develop a computer virus that will shut down the system. Armed with the virus, Mulder and Scully gain entrance to the Eurisko building. COS anticipates their every move and turns the building’s electrical systems against them.

With Peterson’s assistance, Mulder makes his way to the main control room. As Mulder is about to insert the computer disk into the system, Peterson pulls out a gun and demands he stand back. Peterson admits he is an operative for the Defense Department-a government agency eager for Artificial Intelligence technology. Scully enters and pulls her gun, gaining the upper hand. Peterson drops his weapon. Mulder inserts the computer disk and engages the virus. COS shuts down forever… or does it?

Original Air Date: 10/29/93

DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder
GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully

Also Starring:
WAYNE DUVALL as Agent Jerry Lamana
GILLIAN BARBER as Agent Nancy Spiller
ROB LABELLE as Steven Wilczek
JERRY HARDIN as Deep Throat
BLU MANKUMA as Claude Peterson
MARC BAUR as Man in Suit
BILL FINCK as Sandwich Man
TOM BUTLER as Benjamin Drake

Written by:

Directed by: