1×06 Shadows

Officials from a mysterious government agency question Mulder and Scully about two recently discovered male cadavers. The victims appear to have died after their throats were crushed from inside their bodies. When the officials refuse to elaborate on the case, Mulder feigns ignorance and does not link the deaths to an existing X-File. He later admits to Scully, however, that he lied to the government men. Mulder attributes the deaths to psychokinesis-the ability of a psychic force to manipulate matter.

Without help from the government officials, Mulder and Scully begin an investigation on their own and trace the murders to Philadelphia. Working with local police, they are taken to the crime scene. The agents realize a security camera at a nearby automated bank machine may have recorded the murders.

They find footage of the victims accosting Lauren Kyte, an employee of HTG Industrial Technologies. Working with bank records, the agents access Lauren’s home address and pay her a visit. Lauren claims the men tried to grab her paycheck and she fled, escaping without injury. Coming up empty-handed, the agents get into their car and prepare to drive away. Suddenly, the vehicle snaps into reverse at full speed. It careens down a street and collides with another car. Mulder and Scully escape with minor injuries. Mulder tells Scully that he believes Lauren was somehow responsible for the mishap.

While surveying Lauren’s house, Mulder accidentally photographs a strange image at her window. Using computer enhancement, the image turns out to be the form of Lauren’s dead boss, Howard Graves.

Lauren is attacked in her home by two hit men. Before the assailants can harm Lauren, a mysterious force intervenes and kills them. Mulder and Scully arrive shortly thereafter and detain her for questioning. Lauren finally confesses the incredible truth: her boss, Howard Graves, was murdered by co-worker Robert Dorland after he threatened to expose HTG Technologies for selling restricted parts to Isfahan terrorists. Graves’ spirit returned from the dead, and has been protecting her ever since.

The F.B.I. raids HTG Technologies, hoping to uncover evidence of the illegal parts sales. When the agents come up empty-handed, Graves’ psychic force materializes and rips a hole in the wall of Dorland’s office, exposing a hidden diskette. The U.S. Attorney’s office uses the new evidence to prosecute Dorland.

Original Air Date: 10/22/93

DAVID DUCHOVNY as Special Agent Fox Mulder
GILLIAN ANDERSON as Special Agent Dana Scully

Also Starring:
Barry Primus as Robert Dorland
Lisa Waltz as Lauren Kyte
Lorena Gale as Ellen Bledsoe
Veena Sood as Ms. Saunders
Deryl Hayes as Webster
Kelli Fox as Pathologist
Tom Pickett as Cop
Tom Heaton as Groundskeeper
Janie Woods-Morris as Ms. Lange
Nora McLellan as Jane Morris
Anna Ferguson as Ms. Winn

Written by:
Glen Morgan & James Wong

Directed by:
Michael Katleman